Monday, September 13, 2010

Here comes the bride.

*updated with video!*

Am so tempted to finish the whole song...

Here comes the bride,
Here comes the bride,
Here comes the bride,
With a big backside.


It was my cousin's wedding over the weekend. Needless to day, I was excited to bits!

Showing some extracts of a scrapbook/ storybook of the romance between Carmy, my cousin, and her beau:

Craig is from New Zealand, whereas Carmy is from Singapore.
(I took pictures from the Chinese version of the scrapbook)

Craig has actually worked in Singapore for 5 years, but their paths have never crossed!

And then, when Carmy relocated to Bahrain for work purposes...

That's when love happened. :)

The book is really funny, and tongue-in-cheek! I got a little teary while going through it. :)

The morning of the wedding!

My parents (dad is behind the lens) came down for the special occasion.

Uncle Hoe is my dad, and Lion... is my mom. -______________-

'Cause she crimped her hair for the wedding. -__________-

Beautifully decorated Lexus (I know my cars ok!).

Haha, so cute.

My mom helping my aunt to primp up. Sisterly love. :)

Waiting for the gatecrashing moment! :P

With Yan Ping, my cousin who used to play Barbie dolls with me. Now she has her own doll wtf. Fabian, the cutest baby in the world! *gushes*

The bride's parents. :)

My beautiful, beautiful cousin. Can I say it again? BEAUTIFUL. Stunning. :)

Craig giving his best puss-in-boots face.
Nice try, but no such look!

One of the tasks he had to do was to say 'I love you' in 3 languages.

Hahaha so cute!

But of course, it wasn't that easy. The catch was he has to go downstairs to scream out these words until the bridesmaids can hear them.

The bride stays on the 12th floor. -____-

Then my aunt fussed about the time (the Chinese believes in carrying out the ceremony at a particular 'blessed' time), shoo-ed the bridesmaids away, and opened the door for the groom to come!! HAHAHA

We kept on making fun of her that she couldn't wait to drink the tea (during the tea ceremony)
given by the son-in-law. :P

Aaah, but there is still another door to go through!
Negotiations with the 'sisters' (i.e. the bridesmaids) taking place.

Craig had to read out this 'Declaration of Love'.

When it came to declaration #2, he said "I will give a ring to Carmy every year"... Smart man omitted the 'diamond'! Hahaha!

Carrying the bride out of her room. :)
(Let's pretend that the blur effect is 'cause the picture is dreamy ok wtf)

Feeding each other sweet date soup-- to signify 'tian tian mi mi' i.e. a sweet blissful marriage.

My aunt fastening a piece of jewellery on my cousin's hand. :)

My parents with their matching ang paos. -_-

I LOVED my cousin's self-designed cheongsam!

Group pictures:

Custom made ang paos given out by my cousin.

I felt like a tri-layer cake for the day.

Matching bloom cluster earrings and ring. Pastel colors FTW for such a romantic occassion! :P

Pretty pearl bracelet. :)


Ice pink pleated layered dress: H&M
Gold and white chain link belt: Bangkok
Matching bloom cluster earrings and ring: Zhuhai
Pearl bracelet with gold diamante bows: Zhuhai
Fuchsia velvet pumps: Zhuhai
Bag: Louise Vuitton

Yayaya, I did not stop being teary the entire day. More pictures (of the reception/ wedding dinner) coming up! :)


Thistle Trinkets said...

I love your dress!! It is gorgeous!

chloe said...

Such a romantic look+dress, and I love your bracelet too.

Yan Ping said...

Although I din tell u in person, but I heart both your dresses on that day. :) We should play barbie doll again on that day ! ease our boredom from waiting. But nice camwhoring with u and glad to know u r reuniting with your family !

Btw u did a great dance !! haha..although u dun have much belly to start with..I turned to my husband and told him finally I know what to do with my belly ! wtf ! waiting to see the second segment of your pics !
(And btw I din even know she had a scrapbook done..only to read the details from your blog..-___- Going to ask her to show me again..)

jeanchristie said...

what a beautiful occasion!!

which reminds me i should really get cracking on my own arrangements ;x

revel in me said...

thistle trinkets: Thanks love! :)

chloe: Haha, ya, I purposely chose a soft romantic color for the occasion! <3

yanping: Aww, that's really sweet of you! <3 It was nice seeing you too, and omg I can't say it enough, FABIAN IS SO CUTEEEEE!! <3 <3 <3 And ahhahahaha please don't bring up the belly dancing!! Embarrassing! T_________T

You will have fun looking through the book! It's so cute! A lot of camels HAHAHA.

jean: When is the big day! :D

jeanchristie said...

next feb :D

ohhhh, do share some of the gate crashing games please! i am cracking my head to get some decent yet funny games for the boys!

Unknown said...

You deleted my comment yesterday..why?

revel in me said...

jean: Eh, I thought usually your 'sisters' should be the one who comes up with evil things to do to your hubby? You should be the one asking them to go easy on him! :P

lisa: Hey dear, I didn't delete your comment! If I did, there will be a message that says comment is deleted by blog administrator or something like that. I think you commented on the most recent post, hehe!

Unknown said...

Hey, you are right...duhh (*hits head*). I'll like to say again that I really enjoy reading ur posting...thanks x