Sunday, September 26, 2010

I ate gold as a snack.

I survived my first stint as a wedding host!

Haven't gotten to editing my pictures from last night, not many of them ('cause I was onstage half of the time), but enough to keep you entertained (close to 100 wtf).

Slept at almost 4 yesterday, trying to finish the 3 bottles of champagne that the couple bought, and 1 more extra bottle courtesy of the hotel PLUS the unfinished bottles of wine from the wedding banquet. -__-

Today was a slow day at the manor. Tucked in the super comfy king-sized bedwatching Slumdog Millionaire (which I really enjoyed!) , and having a curry pastry (I chose curry to match the Mumbai theme WTF) bought lovingly by the couple from Delifrance as my breakfast. Dozing off on the cushy sofa, then wake up to wake other people up ("I', bored!! Talk to me!"), dozing off again and surfing/ messaging on my BB before yep, you got it, dozing off again. Only checked out at about 6pm, and had my first meal only in the evening-- an overpriced meal at Kim Gary (because I am paying double in Singapore!). Yakked my mouth off, and couldn't help reminiscing about the fun times I have had with my colleagues. Soon to be ex-colleagues. :(

Back to the manor, it was super awesome! Fresh orchids everywhere. A fully stocked fridge (juices, soda, mineral water...) Fruit baskets, chocolates, energy bars for your taking.. State o the art kitchen. Champage on the house. Private pool. Very impressive master bedroom with lotsa nooks and crooks for kinky sex WTF. Bedrooms with private bathrooms. Outdoor shower area.
By the way, a night at the manor cost SGD8K. -____________- Crazy! Insane! I would never be able to afford another night at the manor (for now). Scratch that, even I can afford it, I wouldn't splurge RM20K on a night's stay!

Some pictures of the manor for now:

Private pool for the win!

It's a mini infinity pool! Which is sort of an oxymoron wtf.
Didn't get to go into the pool though, I forgot to bring swimwear. Though right before we left, I did wade in the pool a bit, and stomping all over the stone floor to make stone footprint patterns with my colleague.

The bedroom for the boys during the night (there were quite a couple of us who bunked in at the manor). The girls got the bedroom of course. ;)

Offerings. :D

The hotel is so atas that even their chocolates have gold flakes! -_-

The fridge did not come stocked with this cute girl wtf.

More pictures soon! :)


xiang yun said...

you really do look like you just sprang out of the fridge in the last picture <3 cuteness :)

grace t said...

heya hot stuff! :)

Just dropping a 'hello!' and a very jealous eye at all the lovely looks you've been pulling. Have fun in Korea - try not to shop the city dry - and come visit your friends down under soon yea? ;D


The Faux Fashionista said...

Hiya! Whoaaaa such an awesome experience, I wish I had a friend who would rent a manor for her wedding too :(

Your yellow dress looks really pretty <3

revel in me said...

xiang yun: Haha, like The Ring, but the fridge version? wtf. Thanks dear! :D

grace: HOW HAVE YOU BEENNNNN!! I am definitely toying with the idea of going to aussie at the end of the year! Crossing my fingers that it'll work out, looking forward to catching up if it does! <3

the faux fashionista: The groom is my friend! And I think they didn't pay for the manor, they had wedding dinner at the hotel, and y'know how hotels will usually throw in the wedding suite for the couple? They got upgraded to the manor 'cause the hotel was kinda full due to the F1 weekend in singapore.

The Faux Fashionista said...

Oooo hmm but KL hotels don't have manors kan? Max is Presidential Suite :(

Btw, who made the dress? It's so purrdy <3

revel in me said...

faux fashionista: It's capella in SG! :) And I dunno who is the designer, I got it in a random shop in BKK which sells all these tulle dresses! Got the blue dress I wore for mu cousin's wedding from there as well. :)