Thursday, September 30, 2010

My first time stint.

People weren't kidding when they tell me that I am one of the most animated person that they know:


Yes, pictures from Calvin and Christina's wedding! Also known as the First Wedding I have Emcee-ed.

Co-host and I. Doesn't this picture look like a poster for some gameshow?

Jason. One of my most caring guy friends in SG.

They told me that my face looked big in the pictures above (which I beg to differ!), so this was my solution:

Retard #1, Retard #2 and Ultimate Retard.
Jason took his retardness a little too far, haha.

Officially Mister and Missus!
The little girl on the right (who is picking her nose wtf) was such a friendly kid! Within 2 minutes of talking to her, she has given me her brother's toy bus and 2 miniature cars. She also gave me a bouquet of red roses at the end of the night.

Yes, I am very good with kids! :P

The above is also the only picture you will see of the newly-weds! Smalls commented on my Facebook that I have only 2 pictures of the couple, and 50-over pictures of me, hahaha. To my defense, my camera wasn't with me for most of the time (I was onstage mostly), and knowing the couple forked out thousands for their entourage of photographers, I don't even dare to whip out my wimpy pink camera! The pictures of me (such as the candid ones above) were taken by my colleague to irritate me, hahaha.

Pale yellow tulle dress with weaving and rosette detailing: Bangkok
Diamante earrings: H & M
Cream embellished bow bracelets: Topshop
Glitter bejewelled peeptoe heels: Guess
Clutch (not shown): Louis Vuitton

A better picture of my dress... sorta. It's really hard to find a picture of my dress which shows of the details properly! Those with the flash on make my dress look like a plain white dress, whereas those without flash is too dark to see the details. :(

Oh well, better if you all can't see it clearly! Then I can rewear it, hehe. It's SOOOO pretty that don't be surprised if you see me wearing it for my wedding wtf.

Ex-colleagues and soon-to-be ex-colleagues!

The groom, and the first senior I have ever worked with. :)

Retard partner, 'nuff said.

In this picture, he is bending! Because our height disparity is really too huge. T__T He asked me why didn't I stand on a crate onstage so that we could look more matching, fml. I have this picture of us together with him standing in his full height, but I am not going to post it here to embarrass myself! Heh.

You know what they say about audit having a high staff turnover?

These are all my ex-colleagues who have resigned over the past 2 years! Please take note that my ex-unit (we have merged with another unit last year) had only 20-over employees, and not all my colleagues who have resigned came for Calvin's wedding! You can imagine how scary the turnover is.

By the way, we were standing in sequence of our resignations! I am the latest. Or rather, was the latest. My retard partner has also joined me in our quest for freedom since. ;)


My favorite people at work. :)

Our emcee-ing went well, we think. Whilst I wouldn't say it was an enjoyable experience ('cause I didn't get to eat!! Food is very important to me, haha), I am just very happy that I could contribute in some ways to Calvin's big day. :) He is one of the most generous person that I know of, and as life is full of paradoxes, he is also one of the bitchiest males around, haha.

By the way, he wanted me to go for the morning gatecrashing/ tea ceremoney as one of his 'brothers' which I refused profusely ("WHICH PART OF ME LOOKS LIKE A MAN???"). :P

Ending with some pictures of me and my partner-in-crime:

Do you think I can now go chase after my dream to be a stand up comedian?
Or maybe a clown wtf.


Joshua said...

Clown, :P

VIDEOOOOOO with English subtitles please, banana on the boat wtf.

Anonymous said...

retard partner??? *WINKS*


Grace said...

awww i jz want to say dt dress looks incredibly superb!

Yan Ping said...

I love your dress !! You looked gorgeous ! Definitely can keep it for your wedding day then you can change like 5 dresses in a evening ! hehe

xiang yun said...

Firstly, you look soooo pretty!! That dress is gorgeous, your hair is soo glorious!! I love the puffiness and perfectly curled in locks. Lovely! And your retard partner look quite handsome also hor ;P you both look cute together wtf *evil grin

Anonymous said...

i co-hosted a wedding with the groom's best friend. and we, fell in love with each other. fml. the co-host and i are so attached, but we cant be together because he is 33 and i am 22. he asked me to marry him. :( and this is a true story which happened about 3 weeks ago. we only got to know each other for less than 2 months.

PVB said...

your partner and you look really great together :)

revel in me said...

joshua: Why you answer clown in a heartbeat!! Fml. Hahaha I told you already, NO VIDEO! Must preserve my reputation. :P

miss hazel: OH NOOOO. I hope you aren't thinking what I am thinking!! NO NO NO!!

grace: Thanks love! I SUPER love it! <3

yan ping: Hahaha, only 5? :P THANK YOUUUU. :D

xiang yun: Heeee thank you!! I thought I looked pretty au naturale- I didn't do a night make-up (don't know how to), didn't do anything fancy to my hair.. :) And omgg please don't call him handsome, his head is so big already!!! And I only accept the cuteness for myself! :P

anonymous: Wow, what a romantic story! :) Hmm, maybe 'cause 2 months is too quick to consider marriage? I personally feel that age isn't a problem, but you should get to know each other better first. All the best! :)

PVB: Haha, don't call him my partner!!! Sounds misleading!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for your advice guys, it helped me a lot, I went to and followed their step by step instructions and it worked perfectly, now me and my girlfriend are back together.

NoRe3n said...

omg!!does your retard-partner go by the name Shenton by any chance??he looks like someone i kinda know agesssss ago but doubt he'd remember me. just that he looks familiar :)