Monday, September 20, 2010

The real shopaholic of the family.

I feel uber loved today!

Lindt macarons, Haigh's chocolates and a card all the way from Sydney. *heart*

Not from my flesh and blood sister wtf, but from one of my closest colleagues who has relocated to Sydney recently!

A happy moment to an otherwise very blue Monday. ;)


More pictures from last weekend when my parents were around in Singapore. Whenever my mom is her, Din Tai Fung is always a must-go.

I don't have the heart to tell her that there are a couple of branches in KL as well wtf.

The bride's parents. Knackered from a whole day's worth of 'performance' the day before!

Mom and my cousin.

My mother is really the most camera-sensitive person on earth! I held up my camera, and she quickly flashed her brightest smile; once the flash is off, she turned back to my cousin and continued right where she left the conversation. -__-

The adults (err ya I am one of them) were talking about children and marriages, so I got bored, hee.

My dad and my uncle talking about life post-children who have started working, about how much finances ease. Yes dad, I deserve a medal from refraining to use your card. :P

Towards the end of our meal, the waiter brought a rattan basket (dim sum steamer) to our table. We shook our head and told him that it isn't ours, that all our food has arrived, but he insisted that belonged to our table, and proceeded to placed it in front of us. He opened the cover....

... and there was only ONE lone xiao long bao in the basket!!

Turns out that we ordered 10 pieces of xiao long bao, but only 9 pieces were served to us-- so they topped up the last piece! The image of the forlorn single xiao long bao set me into a fit of hysterical giggles. :P

Mommy dearest.

Sinful potato snacks with a cheese and salsa dip at Coffee Club.

My uncle who took this picture for us commented that we looked like heads on display in glass cases. -___-

Which reminds me of the Wizard of Oz though!!! Do you remember that the Wicked Queen from the West has an entire glass case of heads, and she can interchange between them as and when she wants??? That scene used to freak me out man.

But now it kind of entices me. Imagine: 'hey, I think I will be Megan Fox today!' 'Nah, I think I feel like Jessica Alba for tea'... What a life that will be WTF.

And I have always thought that my penchant for retail therapy comes from my mom. On that day, I realised my dad has a huge part to play in it too!! The man bought a bottle of wine which cost as much as a designer bag!! -_____________-

Look at how WIDEEEEEE his smile is!!

And my dad never smiles properly for camera. If you have been reading my blog for long enough, you will remember that he is a man who shows you gnawed pig innards in his mouth when you ask him to smile for the camera. -__________-

It was really cute, my dad was asking my mom's permission to buy the wine (goodness knows why, he is the one bringing in the moolah, haha), and my mom graciously granted 'permission'. After my dad bought the wine and was happily grinning away, my mom pointed to Tiffany & Co., and told him, "Since you bought something of that price for yourself, you must now buy something of the same value for me too".

Then my dad's face fell and he said in a small voice, " I KNEW it was a trap", hahahahaha.

Outfit for the day:

White sheer cap-sleeved shirt: Bangkok
Camisole: Random
Navy harem pants with brass buttons: Topshop
Gold and diamante layered chains: Zhuhai
Electric blue velvet pumps: Zhuhai
Bag: Louis Vuitton


mustardqueen said...

WTF!!!! price of WHAT BAG! i want a sip of it tooo!!!!! D: D: D:

xiang yun said...

Your style nowadays really screams working lady! =D very classic look, i loike!

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Maybe a speedy la.. I asked dad for a sip, and said no, it's for people who know how to appreciate it. T_T Even mom might not get to drink WTF!

xiang yun: Haha just channeling a more sartorialistic feel nowadays! ;)