Saturday, September 25, 2010

Break a leg?!

My entire day was spent with my retard partner, aka my wedding co-host for the upcoming weekend. We worked on our speech, tweaking and reworking it, and also semi-rehearsed. I said semi, because we were smacked in public, and already we were being so boisterous and laughing so loudly that we could do without the extra attention.

We wasted too much time being nonsensical, with him amending words like 'first course' to 'intercourse' WTF, and 'bride and groom' to 'bride and broom'. Changing phrases like, 'Can we have the best man, [insert best man's name] onstage' to 'Can we have Batman, [Robin] onstage', hahahaha. Yes, our retard level is VERY high, and we can amuse ourselves to no end with crap like that. Let's just hope Calvin never sees the original draft of the speech, 'cause he will have a heart attack wtf.

Long day ahead tomorrow, will be whizzed off at 1pm to the hotel for last minute rehearsals/ tweaking of the speech as well as a dry run of the night's program, and most likely will be staying over at the hotel-- the couple got upgraded to a freaking manor! 1pm... That doesn't leave me with much time to scrub myself all glowy, and do my nails and hair. :(

Am I nervous about going on stage? Not really. I am generally quite a confident speaker, though woe is me tomorrow, having to speak in Chinese. But like I was telling my retard partner, we will just have to wing it, hehe. My biggest worry is actually that I will trip on my dress that is too long for me! I couldn't (and didn't have time) to alter it, as it was made of a gazillion layers of tulles, which is really too delicate and complicated to be altered. Fingers crossed!

My look tomorrow? A pale yellow cotton candy. :P


misshazel said...

good luck! <3

Anonymous said...

Hey dear, love yr blog. Been following since the first year of college, and now i'm a working adult. huhu:(..anyway, this is so irrelevant to yr post, pls don't be mad. I love your hair alot's not flat straight but looks so bouncy and shiny. what did you request it from the hairdresser?as i've known, straightening gives you flat hair and not bouncy like yours....

Joshua said...

Good lucckkkkkk! Can you post the video here pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *big eyes wtf*

Sounds interesting wtf, aim to be better and more vulgar than the Indian transvestite stand-up please! hahahahhah

xiang yun said...

You'll wing it la, don't worry! :D it'll be hard not to outshine the bride and groom with your wit and bubbly personality heheh! can't wait too see your outfit :D

revel in me said...

misshazel: Thanks dear, it went ok, me thinks! :D

anonymous: Firstly, thanks for the compliment! It's always lovely to get comments from long-time (silent) readers. :) Unfortunately, I don't have any great tips for hair! T_T Y'right, rebonded hair won't achieve the same volume and wave. What you see is actually salon-blown hair! I go for a wash and blow at the salon when I go back to KL for the weekend, heh. I will be rebonding my hair soon though, my hair looks like crap when it is not professionally blown, I want it to be manageable and fuss-free! My hairstylist promised to give me rebonded hair with volume + not-so-straight hair, so I'll let you know whether it works out! :P

joshua: Haha, there will be a full length video of the entire event, I think! But crazy ar, upload 3 hours worth of event!! You think I am a movie star ar WTF. What indian transvestite!!

xiang yun: Aww, that's sweet of you! Unfortunately the bride is about 10 feet tall and super gorgeous, so it's impossible for me to steal her limelight! :)