Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shake it like a polaroid picture.

Shake it.

Oh oh.

Shake it.

Recently I have acquired a new obsession!
Ok, it's not THAT new.

Basically I have had an ongoing love with Mcshaker fries since it was first released many years ago. Maybe when I was in pre-university year? I remember that was when I first learned how to drive, and everyday I would make my round to the McD's drive-tru and get a packet of Hot & Spicy Mcshaker fries.

I also put on 5 kgs during that time. -_-
Thank god the McShaker was available for a limited time only.

I loved Mcshaker fries so much that sometime ago M'sia relaunched Mcshaker, and 'cause I was working in Singapore, my ex bought me 10 packets of Hot & Spicy powder sachets to bring back to Singapore-- I thought I was the luckiest girl alive, haha.

Over the years, I have tried many flavors of Mcshaker fries, such as Hot & Spicy (still my favorite to date), BBQ, wasabi, seeweed and honey chipotle.

Recently, I found out M'sia has launched another new flavor!

Cheese Mcshaker!!!

All smiles when I am shakin' it. :D

It tasted like Super Rings, french fries version. Artificial, orange goodness.

And look what I found recently!

KFC launched a Popcorn Shaker!

It's popcorn chicken, to be shaken with a curry powder. Pretty yummy, though 'cause I had take-away KFC, there was condensation on the container (as you can also see from the picture), so the chicken + powder ended up a little soggy. It reminded me of Uncle Bob's chicken though. YOU KNOW UNCLE BOB??? It's this really famous fried chicken (dusted with spicy powder), found in all renowned pasar malams wtf.

Yes, I know, I have too much fast food for my own good.


Lisa! said...

Oh! How I remember the days of those!
Haven't had a proper McDonalds in over 5 years! :(


You look adorable with your McShakers btw! :P

xiang yun said...

I tried the Cheese McShaker fries last night and was shocked at the neon orange colour!! So o.o but tastes yummers LOL

revel in me said...

lisa: OMG, how. do. you. do. it!!! It's hard enough for me to go off mcd's for a month, let alone 5 years! *respect*

xiang yun: Haha, that's why I said it reminded me of super rings! Both looks and taste. Oh no, CRAVE CRAVE CRAVE.