Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Talk the talk and walk the walk.

It's my friend's wedding this Saturday-- the one that I am supposed to emcee. And I am so not prepared! The fact that my retard partner (my co-host for the night) is in Melbourne probably has something to do it. I keep on procrastinating writing out my speech because I tell myself that we need to do it together, to get the synergy right.

I have printed out some sample speeches, and I remember after reading a few pages, I nearly called Calvin (the groom-to-be) that I can't do it. 'Cause in those sample speeches, I have to call Calvin the HANDSOME groom!! Hahahaha. Trust me, it sounds more geli in Mandarin.

Yes, if you managed to overlook my earlier rants, I am emcee-ing in Mandarin. Back in the good ol' days when I did Chinese in school, my teacher has commended me on my speech in Chinese; she even said that I could be a broadcaster. Well, that was a good whole 8 years ago. The only time I speak Mandarin now is with my grandpa. I do do occasional bouts of Chinese with my colleagues in Singapore, but always succeed in shocking everyone-- "HUH you know Chinese??". Guess I look more banana than I actually am. :P

At one point, I told my retard partner that I want to chicken out of emcee-ing, and he was like "NOOOO look at it this way, it's our one chance to impress everyone! Spread the retardness!! Remember our ambition to be a stand-up comedian?? This is it!! WAR!!"

WAR stands for We 'R' Retards, by the way.

And now the secret is out, my secret ambition in life is to be a stand-up comedian. My dad would be so proud.

Random outfit when I went to retouch my roots:

Navy floral toga top with white bow: Jing's
Faded denim flared midi skirt: Zhuhai
Old school tan waist cincher with gold buckle: Bangkok
Pearl cuff: Diva
Tan leather clogs: Steve Madden

And lots of camwhore pictures:

I noticed that I looked pretty ok in these pictures, and in almost all of them, you can only see one eye. What does that mean??? I have to wear eye patch to look good ar WTF.



Guess where am I going in October. :D

Click for larger image.


Xen ♥ said...

Woooottt!! TAKE ME WITH YOUUUU! You're going to love it there ;D Go with an empty suitcase! Haha

mustardqueen said...

eh u stole it from my facebook is it wtf the pic my friend tagged me in WTF hahahaha

revel in me said...

xen: Have you been there before? Any good places (shopping/food/sightsee) to recommend? :D

mustardqueen: Err NO I didn't even know your friend tagged you. -_- Just google 'seoul metro' if you are interested. -_-

RG said...
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RG said...

you are glowing in the pictures! u look very happy :D

xiang yun said...

Better still, take me with you in your empty suitcase!! omgggg bestnyer! :D you do look great nowadays (in pictures I suppose, haven't seen u in real life wtf) this hairstyle really suits you. Love the skirt too!!!

jeanchristie said...

looking goooooood!

u want to emcee for me anot HAHAHA

enjoy seoul!!!

revel in me said...

RG: 'Cause it was a weekend, haha!

xiang yun: You are too tall to be kept in a suitcase! *bitter at all tall people in the world wtf* Haha I got the skirt for a STEAL!

jean: Thanks love! Eh, is your wedding in melb? Haha, let me get through this coming wedding in one piece first! :P

The Faux Fashionista said...

Omg I'm so jelessss I wanna go too but I couldn't get cheap tickets. Gonna wait patiently for the next RM199 offer to go next Fall (cos I wanna buy summer clothes on sale, HAHA).

jeanchristie said...

i am back in KL. for good, me thinks.

make sure u charm those single handsome blokes ok!

revel in me said...

faux fashionista: I am not flying air asia, I am going by Cathay! Definitely did not cost me RM199, boohoohoo. HEEE fall time is the best time to go to korea! <3

jean: GREAT! Are you back already? :)