Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Sparkle, my dear.


I think I am going crazy.

When I was at the airport yesterday (to fly back to Singapore), I saw a couple hugging goodbye right at the departure gates, the girl was crying as her boyfriend wiped her tears and shushed her sobs. Then I teared too. T_T

That's not all.

I was looking at a friend's wedding pictures on Facebook just now, and there was a beautiful picture of the bride and the mom hugging and crying. And I cried too. T__T

Damn you hormones.


Outfit picture from the weekend:

White linen jacket with nautical buttons: Imported from Korea
Black and white striped crossback top: MNG
Faded denim ripped shorts: Cotton On
Silver mesh long necklace: Random
Black knotted clogs: Zara
Lilac bag: Miu Miu

I swear to god that though I am petite in stature, my legs are really not that short!!! Stupid brother did his 'bird's eye view' thing again when taking the photo, and thus making me look like I am about 1 foot tall. Thanks a lot, brother. *dark*

And I lurveeee Korean fashion! The only way to describe it is painfully chic. There is this Korean ramen place near my office which I would always propose to go-- granted, the ramen is yummy, but my favorite part of my meal is the huge stack of Korean magazines at a corner. Slurping on my hot noodles while perving at equally delicious Korean fashion in the lastest Korean Vogue... Aah, bliss.


Anonymous said...

haha you're not alone. I think I'd cry too. Whats worse is that I can end up sobbing while watching wedding videos! We're just empathic. It's not a bad trait to have :)

Jo said...

i envy korean girls because i think their skin are super smooth. oh maybe it's because of make up/ good concealer.

xiang yun said...

Lurve the outfit! The jacket is absolutely chic and timeless. <3 Of every piece is spot on =]

chloe said...

I love this look. comfortable+chic :)

revel in me said...

estherlauderlyn: Haha, that totally sounds like something I will do! Empathy is a good thing to have! Though we risk looking like crybabies. T__T (there I go again wtf)

jo: And super fair! Is it bb cream ar wtf

xiang yun: Thank you love! I am recently on a bit of a blazer/jacket binge, am looking for a pale pink one now! :P

chloe: Aww, thanks dear! :)

Sue Lin said...

Hey!!! At Suvarnabhumi airport, i saw a couple sleeping there, they look so sweet and comfortably twisted together on the chairs.

I didnt just teared, i cried! Glad i'm not the only one! =)

revel in me said...

sue lin: Err, I don't think I will cry or tear if I see a couple do that.