Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Best purchase of the year.

One day, randomly in the train, I started thinking to myself, what is my favorite purchase of the year.

Well, hands down, my best buy this year would be my baby over here:

With my Blackberry, I am never bored again.
I am serious! There is never a bored moment, with my BB in my hand. In the train travelling to/fro from the office, waiting in queues, standing in the lift, waiting for a friend, stuck in a jam... All I need is my BB, and I am connected to the world.

Arguing with my retard partner about some trivia/ vocabulary? Google it on BB. Not sure how to get to a place? Google it on BB. Got lost? Google it on BB. Need reservations for dinner tonight but don't have the restaurant's number? Google it on BB. Brother hogging the computer, but you desperately need to check your mail? Log on via BB.


Truth to be told, I can't imagine life before a smartphone. I am not saying that a BB is supreme over other phones (though I do like to argue with Iphone users, haha), but if you don't have a smartphone, go get yourself one now, ok? :P

Hands down, the best 2 grand I have paid this year.

Another close second would be the Tiffany & Co. necklace I got myself with part of my bonus to reward myself for my hard work for the past year. It's a simple silver necklace, but it's my ultimate go-to necklace for work! I wear it almost everyday, which to me, makes it a pretty good buy. Which is also consistent to my new purchase policy-- only buy things that I will rewear! The more wears I can get out of it, the better. :)

One of my recent work outfits:

Gray shift dress with tulip skirt: Bangkok
Tan leather obi belt: MNG
Silver toggle necklace: Tiffany & Co.
Tan heels with back bow (not shown): Zhuhai

Speaking of good purchases, I personally feel that this dress was a great buy as well! Got it from RM17 or some ridiculous price like that, and I can't even recall the number of times I have worn it to work. Just need to change the accessories and belt/shoes, and you get a new outfit, I like!

As for my best purchase of the week... It will be the packet of Famous Amos No Nut chocolate chip cookies on my desk now-- with 50g free for students only. Yes I still look like a student, woohoo!


wendy said...

Babe, where do you usually shop in BKK and Zhuhai?

revel in me said...

wendy: For BKK, it's chatchuchak market and platinum mall, and suan lum if you have time... And in zhuhai, it's this underground mall right outside the immigration!! I dunno the name, but you won't miss it, it's smacked right at the exit! :)

xiang yun said...

Wheee I also have a BB now :D *proud