Tuesday, October 12, 2010


When you read this post, I should be traveling a few thousand feet above sea level, on my way to soju, kimchi, and Won Bin.

What I am bringing to Seoul:

Rings from Topshop and F21.

Necklaces from all over.

Shoes from Salvatore Ferragamo, Zara and New Look. Chanel lambskin cardholder.

Lots of accessories, just because. Managed to narrow my shoe entourage to 3 pairs, out of which 2 pairs are flats. A girl has got to be practical. The Chanel cardholder is a gift from my mom for my promotion. Bringing it along 'cause we are going to meet some Koreans, and it's courtesy to be able to introduce yourself formally. My suitcase is sort of full, and that makes me nervous 'cause I plan to shop till I drop? I decided that the problem is with the bag-- it's too small. Will change to a bigger luggage. Am eying my dad's giant oyster shell suitcase now. And of course I will be bringing a couple of collapsable bags for my shopping purchases-- y'know, just in case. It's supposed to be fall in Korea now, but apparently it's really warm there. Which is a bummer because I want to play with layering and wear chunky scarfs. Color palette for this trip is lots of nude, black, leopard print, pinks and camel. Lots of chiffon, silk, tulle, crotchet, flannel. And denim, lots of it. Oh, and the beautiful Burberry trench coat. :)

Will definitely try to blog in Seoul, apparently our hotel room comes with a computer. That is, if I can manage to navigate around the computer's interface in Korean. I promise to take lots of pictures too!

And if you are wondering, the Korean words up there means 'Goodbye' (annyeonghi gyeseyo). I copied it from Gogle, obviously.


siglet said...

have fun in Seoul! I went there a couple of years ago~
p.s. I love your blog :)

mustardqueen said...

NEEEEEE BUY ME THINGS!!!! H&M WHATEVERRRR :D:D:D:D Get me a hot man from South Korea ok not North wtfwtf =pp ANNYEONG!!! :P

Anonymous said...

cant wait for you outfit post and victory (purchases) post!

xiang yun said...

I think you're already there (and have already bought a few stuff) by now? Have a safe (and super fruitful) trip!! :) Can't wait to see your travel log!

KITMEY said...

Enjoy your trip!!
PICSSS pls :)

mustardqueen said...

btw twitter is the new name card wtf.

revel in me said...

siglet: Seoul was wonderful! :) And thanks youuu!

mustardqueen: H & M damn expensive!! And all winter stuff!! The man I chupped for myself already, hehehe.

anonymous and xiang yun: Coming up real soon! :D

allison: Thanks dear! <3

mustardqueen: not pro la!

Anonymous said...

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