Monday, October 04, 2010

Diamonds are forever.

My company's Dinner & Dance about 2 weeks back has the theme 'Diamonds are forever'. Say CHEEESE with me.

Quite frankly, it slipped my mind-- I wasn't that excited about it 'cause quite a number of people weren't going. Then, bang, right before leaving KL for Singapore(I was home for the weekend) the weekend before the D & D, I suddenly remembered about it, and grabbed the first dress I could think of, and snatched a random necklace off my sister's dresser.

Was awfully late for the event, and racked up a SGD40 cabfare on the way to Marina Bay Sands, where the dinner was held. Eff you, peak fare and traffic jams.

Thank god when I arrived, the dinner hasn't started! It was still cocktail and mingling time.

With Jason (2nd from left) and Darrel (next to me), some of my favorite blokes in my department.
Roger (first guy in the pic) is just too funny (and drunk), haha.

With Ally! Who has just joined my company a few months back. Talk about fate! :P

With MJ.

I had on a relatively simple dress, and adhered by the theme with the strands of gold and diamante necklace! Decided to add a little va-va-voom with red lips and red nails for that bit of pop of color + old Hollywood glamor (in my opinion, heh). Not too bad for a dress that was picked in 4 seconds. ;)

By the way, I was quite nervous about trying out red lips! I bought this MAC red lippie and lipliner when I was in Hong Kong (make up is really cheap in HK, I can't stress that enough). I didn't try it out prior to the dinner, and after applying it on, I though it was too red, but it was too late for me to remove it!! I even sent Jing an emergency text to ask her HOWWW LIPS TOO RED, hahaha. In the end, I thought I only had one solution, which was to rock it.

Which I did! I think, hehe. Am quite liking the red lips look now, do expect to see more of it! :P

With Nurul who is like 7 feet tall. T___T

Love love love her dress! It's a toga dress with soft draping around the shoulder/neckline, le sigh. Bought from ASOS! In fact, I saw a lot of dresses that I liked that night, a lot of which were from ASOS! (yea, I went up and asked, hehe)

Asked Jason to the picture from top-down (it makes people look slimmer, I swear), and this is his poo attempt. -__-

Side view of my dress-- it has cream chiffon ruffles on one side. Which my colleague asked, "Why do you have tissue on one side of your dress"


Drank wine and turned the same shade as my lipstick, fml.

My manager for Estee Lauder. Girls, be nice to us!
*ignore the fact that I've resigned wtf*

Under the Estee Lauder umbrella are brands like Estee Lauder (duh), Bobbi Brown, Clinique, MAC, Origins, Aramis etc. Like I said, BE NICE! :P

With another manager of mine. Do you notice that all my managers are really pretty? Who said that auditors will depreciate (as in looks) eh!

Happily squashed.

Yes, very very little pictures because I forgot to charge my camera! My camera's battery was spent after taking hundreds of pictures during my cousin's wedding, and it completely slipped my mind to charge it. -___-

Outfit of the night:

Navy tube dress with cream chiffon ruffles: Baci
Chunky diamante and gold layered necklace: Ting's
Navy velvet pumps: Zhuhai
Clutch: Louis Vuitton
Red lips: Priceless

This is my last week at home before I am back in KL for good. Expect a heavy post soon. T_T


ally said...

T___T FML why i look super fat in DND photos! stupid round face =<

xiang yun said...

Defo rocking the red lips that night! Looks good on your fair skin. Hmm.. tempted to try red lips after seeing it everywhere. But maybe I'll just buy some cheap brand one to try first before I try MAC¬:D

KITMEY said...

SUPER GORGEOUS DRESS! and you look gorrrgeous too :))

revel in me said...

ally: Omg you are so not fat please!!

xiang yun: Haha I am not fair!! But you SHOULD try! I feel that it really cinches in the look. :P I got the lippe and lipliner in HK, 'causae it was much cheaper! I am like you, I wouldn't wanna pay too much for something that I am just 'trying out'. :D
psssst you can do what I did.. Steal your mom's lipstick to try first so you can have a rough idea of how you look like in red lipstick! :P

allison: Wow, thanks love! <3