Saturday, October 02, 2010

I need a little discipline today.

Lazy Saturday.
A few random pictures to put all of us in a chill-out, happy mood:

At one of my colleague's farewell at Butter Factory almost 2 month's ago.
Soon it will be mine! ;)

Got whisked off to a surprise Indonesian lunch sometime ago. I am quite nervous 'cause I managed to polish off half a spring chicken all myself.

Things found in Zahra's bag: Polly Pocket!

How this brings back memories, haha. We used to have loads of Polly Pocket sets, until my mom banned them 'cause my brother wanted to eat all the Polly Pocket dolls, hahaha.

Zahra brings her Polly Pocket set eveywhere she goes, and when she is stressed out at work, she props the doll to lie down and 'switch on' the stereo for Polly to chill out, hahaha! I love my friends. :D

Bought macarons from Bakerzin because 1. I was having massive cravings; 2. my retard partner has never tried macarons before??!!

All I can say is, Bakerzin macarons suck balls! Thank god recently my colleague sent back some Lindt macarons to me all the way from Sydney. I feel the love!

Just in case the message wasn't clear.

Got surprised by a free trip to Universal Studios by the company as our senior's teambuilding event. This is my colleague's toy dinosaur tumbler, kept ala Paris Hilton, i.e in her bag. :P

I love polaroids!
Clockwise from upper left: Me, Ranjitha, Priya and Zahra. Muhibah! :P

Met up with Aud and Suet for a girlie mani/pedi outing.

I claimed that I looked naked in the picture, and Audrey offered to help me photoshop a T-shirt on. I have seen her photoshopping skills, so I told her I prefer to look naked, HAHA.

When she first asked me to go do my nails, I told her:
If you see my toenails, you will have to marry me!!! My kemaluan wtf.


YES, my toes are damn ugly. :(

Zahra bought a furry paw as a back-scratcher (is that what you call it?) HAHAHAHA.

My friend rented a hotel room to throw his farewell party, and while waiting for everyone to arrive, I had a nap. :P


Anyway, whilst it's tempting to laze the day away, I can't afford to be lazy!
My agenda for the day: Pack, pack, pack.

In about a week's time, I will bid Singapore goodbye.
Prior to today, I have not got any packing done! I am going a little crazy thinking of how I am going to pack 2 year's worth of items in a week. Not to mention, how am I going to stuff a whole room into a few bags!!! Stresssssss.

So far, I have managed to clear out a whole wardrobe, and all the clothes on my bed. Yes, I sleep on a queen-sized bed, and half of it moonlights as a wardrobe. I still have another wardrobe to go to, as well as all the clothes/ shopping bags I have on the floor. Oops.

Am making 4 major categories of clothes while I pack-- "Office wear", "Throw", "Keep", and "Sell".

The biggest pile is the "Sell" category! Stay tuned for a mega mega mega mega sale. :D


vr said...

Firstly I think you're gorgeous!
And secondly from your previous post, do you blow dry your hair inwards or do the ends sit naturally like that? Asking because I love how the hairstyle looks on you :)

xiang yun said...

oooh! very excited/anticipating/mouth-already-watering at your 'Sell' pile. waiting for updates in boudoir-boudoir! ;P

revel in me said...

vr: Wow, thanks dear, that's a really lovely thing to say! :) I get the salon to blow my hair inwards! My hairstyle is meant to be blown in-- my hairstylist gave my hair quite a blunt layered cut, which looks quite horrible when straight (I have the thickest hair EVER), but very nice when it's blown in! <3

xiang yun: YESS please help clear my wardrobe if not my mom will kick me out of my house. T_T

Anonymous said...

Hi, you look really gorgeous especially with the red lip!!!

But just a qns, did you purchase those makeup in their own stores? And could you suggest some malls that's sells many makeup brand at a place?
Thx! :)

revel in me said...

anonymous: Thanks dear! I've always wanted to do the red lip look, but never got the courage to. :P I would recommend sephora, if you are looking for a place with lotsa brands under one roof! :)