Friday, October 22, 2010

Seoul: Day 1 (literally).

Random pictures from our first day in Seoul. We embarked on our journey the day before at about 2pm, and only arrived in Seoul the next morning at about 6am! Damn transit flight. Things we do for cheaper flights. But it was necessary though, as I am currently unemployed! (happily so)

Had breakfast at Paris Baguette, a really popular bakery chain dotting Seoul everywhere.

I insist that there is no more comforting smell than the buttery aroma of freshly baked breads, mingled with hints of scents of jams, raisins, cheese, sausages... Nothing quite like it to kickstart the morning!

That, and a cup of steaming hot latte. :)

Korean McDonald's.

First official meal in Seoul: Sam Gye Tang (ginseng chicken soup).

I was told that I can only use one type of utensil at any one time (chopsticks OR spoon)... Trust me, it's quite the challenge to eat an entire spring chicken with chopsticks!

Vending machine with colorful snacks.

After successfully making our order with a mixture of broken Korean and sign language.

Jing and I were quite amazed that I looked so fresh!!! Remember, I have been traveling for almost 20 hours and barely had any sleep. Furthermore, when I was freshenening up in the washroom, I realised I forgot to bring my BB cream!! (that's the only coverage that I use). I almost freaked out, but thank god my friend was understanding enough to rushed me to the nearest mall to get some foundation, haha. I have to say, KOREAN MAKE UP IS SO CHEAP! And so good, judging by how fresh I looked here. :P

Little kids at the Aquarium.

You are required to take off your shoes at most traditional sit-down restaurants.

Animal instinct.

Our bedroom! Not bad, especially considering we got a pretty decent deal. And we also got bunked up to a suite, woohoo!

Coffee is an essential in Korea. That, with cigarettes, beer and soju. Almost every restaurant that we have been to has a coffee machine-- free coffee!
Will have a separate post on all the cafes in Seoul. :)

Korean phrasebook!! Absolute life savior as Koreans speak very, very minimal English.

Saw the world's biggest guinea pig--capybara in the Singapore Night Safari once, and was entertained to death with how cute it looked. Imagine when I saw a capybara stuffed toy in a Korean gift shop!!! I totally lost it and was almost writhing on the floor dying with laughter, hahaha. (those smalls bits in front of the toy are its legs by the way, hahaha)

Seoul sights.


Enjoying my free Korean coffee in the chilly weather.

Leopard chiffon long sleeved buttoned shirt: H & M
Black shorts (worn underneath): Cotton On
Black tights: Random
Trenchcoat: Burberry
Black belt with silver buckle: Bysi, Singapore
Silver choker: Topshop
Silver cross: F21
Black suede wedges: New Look
Bag: Miu Miu

I have pictures from my first night in Seoul as well, just dinner itself is worthy of another post! Will post it up soon! :)


Anonymous said...

Hello :) Mind to share the name of the hotel you stayed in?

Anonymous said...

Yes! Where did you stay as I'll be going to Seoul next March but am still looking for decent accommodation. Thanks!

kimmy said...

Thanks for sharing! Can't wait for more your Seoul posts!

I've been to Seoul once with a tour group, not so fun cause we didn't get enough time to shop..

xiang yun said...

Even the first DAY itself looks very exciting already! LOL love your shoes! So chic I can die!

Anonymous said...

omg you look so hot!
<3 <3 <3 did you walk all day in those heels? comfy?! :D

can't wait!!!!!

revel in me said...

anonymous 1 and 2: I stayed in hotel Tria! It's located in Gangnam, the main business district, and is about 3 minutes away from the nearest subway station!

Here is the website:

kimmy: I was very thankful that we had native koreans to bring us around, so I feel that I really got to experience Seoul in its full glory! :) Make a trip back to Seoul soon! The shopping is to die for! :P

xiang yun: Haha, wait till you see my dinner! :P I got them from New Look, quite cheap, about rm120-ish! :)

anonymous: Haha, I did! Surprisingly they were quite comfortable.. Maybe 'cause they are wedges! :)

mustardqueen said...

Eh they do speak english!! Such as chicken is pronounced as chikin, and break is call bureku wtf. i miss korea T_T the last time I've been there was 2004 WTF! damn long lor now everything has changed jengjeng

Anonymous said...

hey u were in COEX din u ? and that was Paris Baguette? such a small world, im ur random reader from kl who stays in Gangnam-Gu too !

hoigi said...

you look fabulous! :) very radiant and all :)

mizzvickz said...

what's a decent budget like for flight + hotel + decent trip?

is shopping there exp?

hehehe i wanna go to korea tooooo !!!

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: HAHAHAHA YAAA!! And business is 'bisinisss', sex is 'sexshir', language is 'languagiiiii', hahahaha. How was korea the last time you went!! Can't wait to share with you! TALK TO ME ONLINE

anonymous: OMG what a small world!! Are you working there? Words can't express how envious I am! :P

hoigi: Thanks dear!!! I was feeling quite dead and exhausted inside though! :P

missvickz: The flight set me back about rm1600 (I took cathay pacific), hotel was about rm200-ish a night! Food starts from 5000-6000 won, but I would expect to pay about rm30 per pax if you want slightly fancier korean food! Shopping is like topshop on sale, about RM100-ish! But quality items though! :)

mich said...

hey! love your hair.. how did u manage to style it tht way? is it any how curled? man those luscious locks is making me jealous