Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seoul never sleeps.

I do have internet here, but frankly speaking, Seoul is keeping all my time occupied. Shopping malls here close at 4.30am, can you believe it? Meaning that my daily itinerary is sightseeing in the day and shopping till dawn. And drinking through the night. And eating all kinds of weird seafood (dead and alive), with more strange seafood coming up later in my trip. Having 13 soups in a meal. Getting my fortune told in a strike of whimsy (of someone). Getting bedazzled by glorious colorful city lights. Observing which Korean woman has gone for the knife. Picking up Korean as I go (important phrases like 'how much is that?' and 'EXPENSIVEEEE", HEHE). Meeting very interesting characters (even more so when they are drunk). Trying not to get confused by the subway lines (9 lines, and >300 stations). Cold Stone ice cream. Hot mocha in the cold.

Having the time of my life. :)


Joshua said...


Wtfffff. 12 hours after Australian shops wtf.

Have fun and lots of pictures please!

Jing said...


You must be my reader from Korea WTF! :P Faster come back, i miss you! :(((

Psst remember to buy your favourite sister something(sssss)! <3

Anonymous said...

eolmana ae yo ~
wah, kat kat juseyo ~ !!! :D

omg i'm so excited to read about your adventures! :) and the cute boutiques?! hehehe!

come home safely ♡♡♡

mustardqueen said...

OMGGGG BUY SOMETHING FOR ME!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHH In return for the favour i did for u!! :P:P:P I saw one H&M Dress I damn damn damn like!! here is the link!! size 12 kamsahamida wtf

ally said...

good to know ur enjoying yourself in seoul babe! :)

Hayley said...

Hi, you're currently working there or just for vacation?
Sorry been missing out your blog for some times.. =_=
Take good care there!

revel in me said...

joshua: Hahaha ya!! I was in heaven! Unfortunately, being awake at dawn means I made alot of impulsive (sleepy) purchases. T_T

jing: I promise to buy you more things if I go back! :P

anonymous: Omgg EXACTLY! :) You know korean? :D

mustardqueen: I saw that dress in h & m!!! But >rm200 ler, damn ex!! I buy for you in HK k.. I think it should be on sale then. :D

ally: Thanks love! :)

hayley: Vacation! I am back in KL for good! :)