Saturday, October 30, 2010

I sheer love you.

Taking a break from posting my Seoul pictures. Some of you have been asking me to post up my Korean purchases, so here is an outfit post of me wearing some of them.

Walked past Zouk @Gardens, got enticed by a buy 1 free 1 lunch set promotion, and a late lunch there it was. Lunch consisted of various compromising positions with a Halloween pumpkin, and an overdose of chilli flakes on my aglio olio.

Beautiful picture of Jing. I suspect I have a closet talent of taking black and white potraits?

Props for our prop.

It looks like a Jimmy to me.

My tongue was on fire.

Daily caffeine intake.

Best buds.

Timing my pictures with the fountain was a calculated affair.

It's all in the details.

Striped sweater: Korea
Black pleated tulle skirt: Korea
Brown bejeweled headband: Bangkok
Gold bejeweled cheetah brooch: Thrifted, Melbourne
Silver bracelet: Thomas Sabo
Ethnic stone bangle: Present from Jing
Tan heels with crotchet trimmings: Thrifted, KL
Tan clutch, Sportsgirl, Australia

Meet my newest obsession: tulle.


Hw said...

Love the tulle skirt. It really suits you :)

Anonymous said...

You look awesome :)
Is your skin better now, love?
You really do look bbbbbeautiful right now! <33333

The headband is so cutee!

xiang yun said...

First of all, how the eff do you manage to thrift such gorgeous shoes!! Love the square-ish toes! Jeezzz! Awesome, I love the stripe top with the tulle skirt.. Inspired! :)

revel in me said...

hw: Thank you!!! I went on a bit of a tulle binge in Korea. :P

anonymous: YUPPP my skin is loads better now! All thanks to roaccutane. *shudders* Thank you thank you thank you! <3

xiang yun: I got it from one of the showpink bazaars in bangsar a few years back! Thank you dear! Was channeling a bit of the 50's ladylike feel. :D