Monday, November 29, 2010

Leather shorts is love.

In the mood for some retro lovin'.

Coffee and fashion are two of my biggest addictions. And weaknesses.

Upon closer look, my coffee foam had something that looked suspiciously like a heart-shaped cat on it??!!

Wearing the faux leather shorts I got recently. I have been looking for one for AGES! Still beating myself for not getting one in Korea, arghh.

No point crying over spilled milk missed shorts though.

Wrinkly hands alert! Is there such a thing as a bad hand day, haha.

I was in the mood for a little hard and soft, hence the leather shorts, the fluttery petals clutch and dashes of pink:

Retro pin-up girl print tee with cuffed up sleeves: Bangkok
Faux leather paperbag shorts: Bangkok
Fuchsia velvet pumps: Zhuhai
Silver charm toggle necklace: Tiffany & Co.
Arty ring: YSL
Pale pink petals clutch: Jing's

By the way, regarding the Fat Spoon junkyard sale that I will be participating this Saturday (4 December), I have been working really hard to find some goodies for sale! I have definitely hit the 100-items mark. Way past it, in fact. -_- Anyway, I personally think it's impossible to put up everything on sale on Saturday due to space constraints, so I will try to work on posting it online first.

Nonetheless, I would appreciate if you can drop me a comment or an email on what you would like to see on Saturday! Whether it's a wrap-around shirt, a particular cardie, denim shorts etc., if you want it, I will try to sell it! Or you could browse through my older entries, and if there's anything you are interested, drop me a comment with the blog link, and I will put it up for sale as well (if I can bear with it). I am serious about detoxing my wardrobe AND I WILL! *determined*

Saturday, November 27, 2010

God heard my prayers.

There is a standing joke in my family that I have so much clothes (notice I used 'much', and not 'many') in my room that the only way to get into my room is by hanging onto a wire ala flying fox.

There is also the joke that my mom will eventually kick me out of the house. Or that she will throw all my clothes away one day when I am not in.

At least, I hope she is joking.

So when I saw Michelle yesterday, she was the vision of salvation. A guardian angel to the rescue, haha.

Michelle and Joyce is throwing a junkyard sale this coming Saturday (4 December), whereby invited vendors will be selling pre-loved/ vintage clothes! Please make that day free and drop by!

I told myself that I need to clear out 50% of my wardrobe by the end of this year. Essentially that means I will have to sell a couple of hundred pieces during that day WTF. -_- Anyhow, please please please drop by that day and do some treasure hunting! :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Moose, beaver, owl, bunny.

Had a whimsical afternoon at Wondermilk.

My entertaining company.

Wearing a zoo on my fingers.

Love the idea of using a can as your food order number. And yes, red lipstick is a hazard when it comes to food/drinks consumption.

Enjoying a particularly healthy lunch of pesto chicken on wholegrain bread. Latte was a must, of course.

My bag felt at home at the cafe.

"Aaah, my mouth is full! I am still chewing!"

The rings came in a set of 4-- the fourth is a moose head. Whose antler was broken by me. :(

Sheer white chiffon shirt: Bangkok
Khaki green chiffon draped skirt: Bysi, Singapore
Silver cuff: Random
Animal rings: H&M
Leopard print faux pony hair pumps: Zhuhai
Tan bag used as clutch: Vintage

My obsession with animal accessories is brinking on being unhealthy.

By the way, it's time for a hair update! Any ideas on what to do? My hair is in your hands! :P

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Attack of the pau.


Continuing on with more picture of my weekend stay at Golden Palm Resort, Sepang Gold Coast.

Official kuli of the day.

In the lobby. Which was small, crammed and stuffy, by the way.

Unimpressive sea view.

Grandparents! Why do old people not like to smile in photos??

And apparently the younger generation as well-- please refer to my brother. -_-

Outside of our sea villa.

Beach babe outfit hehe:

Sky blue plaid smocked romper: Miss Selfridge
White rope belt: Bangkok
Silver cross: F21
Tan leather clogs: Steve Madden
White ruched knapsack with tan leather straps: Bangkok

This was a real candid picture-- caught when I suddenly remembered that I didn't bring sunscreen: "FARKKKK!" hence the hand flinging, haha.

Perhaps by now you could guess that I wasn't that impressed with the resort, to say the least. The entire design and layout of the place looks cheap and artificial, especially when I compare it to some of the sea chalets I have stayed before, such as Avillion in PD and Pangkor Laut Resort. Even my dad who is oblivious to interior and designs commented that the place looks artificial. The palm tree layout of the villas is gimmicky, and cannot be observed by those who are at the actual location.

The resort is run fully by locals, and based on what I read in the newsletter, it's part of the corporate social responsibility endeavors as well as providing a localized experience for hotel patrons. However, I feel that the staff were mainly inefficient and unprofessional. And I mean, staff who can't speak English at a resort that claims to be of international standard??

Besides that, I have a few questions about the resort:

1. Why isn't there anyone to help us bring down our luggage when we alight at the resort entrance? Even 3 star hotels do that.

2. There is a fair bit of distance from the lobby to the villas-- in fact, we need to take buggies to our villa. Again, why isn't there anyone to help us take our bags to our villas?

3. In fact, the entire buggy system is haphazard. Often, you see a big group of people waiting for buggies, with no queue system whatsoever, waiting for buggies which carry 8 people at one go. -_-

4. How can the staff speak like the waiter at my neighbourhood mamak: BOSS, takde katil kat villa ini lah! -_-

Furthermore, the operator has promised to deliver an extra bed to our villa. And he only brought us a comforter. -_- Turns out that they don't have extra beds at the resort. Communication breakdown much?

5. The entire villa smells like rattan-- not in a good way. It's suffocating and made us feel dizzy. The comforters smell funky as well.

6. We were late for our buffet breakfast the following morning, with only 5 minutes to spare till they close the buffet. When I was dishing food onto my plate, why is there a staff fighting with me to take the food???? -____________-

7. I needed someone to clear a table with many dirty breakfast plates at the swimming pool lounge bed. Mind you, this was 1 hour after the buffet closed; why was the table not cleared is beyond me. When I approached this waiter, she looked away and walk off to another lady. WTF????

One of the saving grace of the trip was that we found the best paus of my life!

Hai Yew Heng, at Tanjung Sepat, Kuala Langat. Just google Hai Yew Heng, and you will find a long list of sites recommending their paus!

Insane crowd! Especially considering that the shop only sells paus!

Love the old school, colorful charm of these pictures. :)

My 2 favorite paus of the lot:

Mui choi (preserved vegetable) and pork pau.

Tau sa pau (bean paste pau).

They are really so so so good!I whacked 2 paus each time I went there. Yup, we went back there a second time the following day. We had lunch, and went over to pick up the paus that we have reserved (to bring home for some friends),and we couldn't resist sitting down for some paus all over again. We also brought back 65 paus by the way. :P

We love canopy beds! What more those by the sea.

My favorite moment of the trip:

Red wine, fried snacks and chatter by the sea. :)