Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All I can think of is you.

Banana chocolate chip muffins, that is!

Remember I mentioned here that I am more of a Coffeebean fan than a Starbucks one? Well, today I had this super delicious banana chocolate chip muffin at Starbucks that just might turn me into a Starbucks convert! Just might.

One of my outfits in Singapore over the weekend:

Constipated face.

Gray cropped sweater: Topshop
Leopard print draped skirt: Korea
White rosary: F21
Rings: Assorted
Aviators: Raybans
Suede knot platforms: Topshop
Bag: Miu Miu

My brain is full of muffins now, ahhhh. Muffin muffin muffin


Anonymous said...

I like coffee bean too! Hehe

Xen ♥ said...

mm i never knew starbucks' muffins were any good.. but they did have an awesome white chocolate cheesecake which they discontinued selling :s

where is your unwrapping post?!?!? *anxious


revel in me said...

anonymous: We have great taste! <3

xen: The banana and chocolate chip one went Really together! Speaking of which, I am craving for it now.. T_T AAHH SOON! :P