Monday, November 22, 2010

Did I go to Australia???

Update: AZORIAS is updated!

I was in Gold Coast over the weekend!

... Sepang Gold Coast, that is. Heh. We stayed at the Golden Palm Resorts!

Camera shy.

Mummy bringing towels to the pool for us, just like when we were little kids. *feels warm*



Poor boy looked like he was manhandled by me. -_-

His Jaws moment. Complete with the little fin at the top of his head.

Looking very happy frolicking in the water.

Sheer striped chiffon shirtdress: Bangkok
Navy chainlink print bandeau top: Zara
Navy boycut bottoms: Bangkok
Aviators: Raybans
Black thongs: Cheap ass Cotton On hehe

And keep a lookout for an update on AZORIAS tomorrow!

Date: 23 November 2010
Time: 1pm


玮灵 Wei Ling said...

Lol! I went there yesterday, looking around and decided not to stay there because of $$.Haha. Nice place tho.=)

Anonymous said...

nice body! <3

smalls said...

is it safe to swim with that swimming suit? hahaha

Anonymous said...

Your skin has cleared up tremendously, what products are you using dear? :)

Anonymous said...

Can you do an updated blog post about your skin and current skin care products?

Xiaochen said...

Looking great! I wanna know your work out regime!!

siaolee said...

hey! you look hot!
i want to know your workout regime too!!! and plus eating habits :P

xiang yun said...

Love the bikini! At first look I thought they were a set <3 love~

revel in me said...

weiling: What a coincidence! :) I didn't like the place that much though! Will blog more about it soon.

miss hazel: Alah, don't have!!!

smalls: Haha,it's definitely RED level in terms of danger while swimming!! It's just for lounging and looking pretty fml.

anonymous: It's all thanks to roaccutane, an oral medication for acne!

anonymous: Y'know what, that's a great idea! Maybe I will! :)

xiao chen: Aiks, I am no fitness guru! Maybe I will mention it sometime soon-- but I can't say I practise it often though, hehe.

siaolee: Okies, I promise! But I am a burger and cupcakes type of girl, I swear!

xiang yun: Zara only sells the bandeau top with no matching bottoms! -_- (or takde size or something tragic like that) so I had to make do with what I have, haha!

Xiaochen said...

please you have to do a post about fitness! haha