Sunday, November 14, 2010

Give him a hand of applause.

One of the highlights of our trip down South was a lunch at Iggy's (we couldn't get dinner reservations), one of the World's 50 Best restaurants, ranking at 28th. Yes yes, nothing gets the Hoe family more excited than food. :P

Heart-print chiffon dress with toga tie-sash: Zhuhai
Black suede belt with gold buckle: Topshop

Rings: F21

Bracelets: Thomas Sabo/ Gift

Black suede knot platforms: Topshop

Bag: Miu Miu

4 course lunch set at Iggy's-- they only had 2 options for every course, so we just ordered whatever we wished, as long as we had a mish-mash of everything on the menu. :)

Yummiest bread in the world. I can't decide whether the butter is better, or the bread.

Happy diners lunchers at Iggy's, Hilton.

My mom connecting with her teenage side by camwhoring with us.

So many shops so little time! Though I will have you know that I barely bought anything during my trip. :P

Touristy shots at Orchard.

I smirk a lot somehow when I wear my red lippie. -_-

Dorky tourist mode.

Jing said my side profile is nicer than my front!!! Ouch.

Bonding with my brother.

Compulsory annual shot with Ngee Ann City's gigantic Christmas tree.

Commemorating a momentous occasion-- my brother finally beat me at 'Ji Gu Bak' (a game very similar to scissors paper stone' but with a little more intellectual capacity I would like to think), after 3 years of challenging me at the game.

Does any of you still remember the game 'Ji Gu Bak'?? (or do you all even know which game I am referring to, haha). I am really good at that, and Chor Dai Di, hehe.


Anonymous said...

your mum has a quirky dress sense

mustardqueen said...

I still love mommy's pants... T_T If only they can reproduce it 3 sizes bigger =(

xiang yun said...

Literally heart that dress!!!! :D The pictures of you and sister Jing walking are quite funny cos you two have serious walking faces :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Hui Wen, I remember you posted your Chanel business card holder before. May I know the price for it? I'm thinking of getting it for my friend, and I don't have much time to shop around due to work. So if it's out of my budget then imma cancel it from my list. PLS HELP! Thanks. Mandy.

Joce said...

i alwiz thought its "jin gu pang" lol..

nice dress btw! :D

Anonymous said...

OMG! Yeah I like your mother's stripey pants! :))

Anonymous said...

your brother looks like an innocent lamb caught between 2 wolves ... he has the "i resign to my fate" look

revel in me said...

anonymous: Haha, she does!

mustardqueen: You didn't tell us! They still have the pants, y'know!

xiang yun: Haha very purposeful people! :P

amandy: I got it from Bangkok, it's about rm950, duty free!

joce: Hahahha is it JIN!!?? I always said JI!! My ultimate school bus game. :P Thanks!

anonymous: She got it from BKK! :)

anonymous: HAHAHAHAHAHA ya he hates taking pictures!! All our pictures together look something like that fol

Anonymous said...

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