Saturday, November 27, 2010

God heard my prayers.

There is a standing joke in my family that I have so much clothes (notice I used 'much', and not 'many') in my room that the only way to get into my room is by hanging onto a wire ala flying fox.

There is also the joke that my mom will eventually kick me out of the house. Or that she will throw all my clothes away one day when I am not in.

At least, I hope she is joking.

So when I saw Michelle yesterday, she was the vision of salvation. A guardian angel to the rescue, haha.

Michelle and Joyce is throwing a junkyard sale this coming Saturday (4 December), whereby invited vendors will be selling pre-loved/ vintage clothes! Please make that day free and drop by!

I told myself that I need to clear out 50% of my wardrobe by the end of this year. Essentially that means I will have to sell a couple of hundred pieces during that day WTF. -_- Anyhow, please please please drop by that day and do some treasure hunting! :)


Est said...

Ohh I heard about this, now I'm even more tempted! All I need is a date and more cash. :S

revel in me said...

est: Please please please do come! And don't need dates! Men are a hassle when it comes to shopping, haha!

Anonymous said...

oh how i wish i could go!!! but im in hk!! do one at the end of december?? :):)

revel in me said...

anonymous: Aww, unfortunately I am not the organizers! But if the response is good for this sale, they might make it a consistent thing!:)