Saturday, November 13, 2010

I may or may not be cursed.

That's the only reason for the string of bad luck I have had today!!

My morning already started on a wrong foot, can't divulge too much details, but imagine being awaken at a (relatively) ungodly hour, making 2 trips halfway downtown for nothing, given false hopes then getting your hopes dashed, not having enough rest in the end and lots of anger and anguish, yea, you got the morning of my nightmare.

And just now, my laptop screen cracked. I was using it upstairs, then I cradled it downstairs to plug it to the modem, and when I opened it, there was a huge crack down the middle. WTF?? I didn't even drop it or place anything heavy on it!! I just carried it downstairs. The crack has to be quite bad, 'cause I can't see anything on my screen-- it's just black at certain parts and static at the rest. OMGGGG. Can't imagine life without a laptop. In fact, I am using Jing's laptop now while she is sleeping, arghh.

Guess I will be going online via my Blackberry FML.


mustardqueen said...

you're wrong, youre actually LUCKY to have the screen cracked so you can get a new one! :D and hor the stupid toshiba quite bad lor only like 1 year plus then liddat, and previously the bottom of ur screen also fucked, then cannot see who's chatting with you wtfwtf blessing in disguise la HAHAHAH

jeanchristie said...

i like teeny's "the cup is half full" view hahaha

did u have earphones of something on the keyboard when u closed it?

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: I have no money to get a new laptop RAWRRRR!!!

jean: Nopes, nothing in between... It was shut perfectly in fact!