Monday, November 29, 2010

Leather shorts is love.

In the mood for some retro lovin'.

Coffee and fashion are two of my biggest addictions. And weaknesses.

Upon closer look, my coffee foam had something that looked suspiciously like a heart-shaped cat on it??!!

Wearing the faux leather shorts I got recently. I have been looking for one for AGES! Still beating myself for not getting one in Korea, arghh.

No point crying over spilled milk missed shorts though.

Wrinkly hands alert! Is there such a thing as a bad hand day, haha.

I was in the mood for a little hard and soft, hence the leather shorts, the fluttery petals clutch and dashes of pink:

Retro pin-up girl print tee with cuffed up sleeves: Bangkok
Faux leather paperbag shorts: Bangkok
Fuchsia velvet pumps: Zhuhai
Silver charm toggle necklace: Tiffany & Co.
Arty ring: YSL
Pale pink petals clutch: Jing's

By the way, regarding the Fat Spoon junkyard sale that I will be participating this Saturday (4 December), I have been working really hard to find some goodies for sale! I have definitely hit the 100-items mark. Way past it, in fact. -_- Anyway, I personally think it's impossible to put up everything on sale on Saturday due to space constraints, so I will try to work on posting it online first.

Nonetheless, I would appreciate if you can drop me a comment or an email on what you would like to see on Saturday! Whether it's a wrap-around shirt, a particular cardie, denim shorts etc., if you want it, I will try to sell it! Or you could browse through my older entries, and if there's anything you are interested, drop me a comment with the blog link, and I will put it up for sale as well (if I can bear with it). I am serious about detoxing my wardrobe AND I WILL! *determined*


mustardqueen said...

I'm donating one full china bag of clothes away! :D *proud* and hor I'm also looking for leather shorts fml I saw one online Kookai going for 99 pounds (but real leather la) T_T hurhurhur can ask them to host the sales again in january ar I wanna sell my shit too T_T

Nana said...

Hey babe, if you are keen to sell that sheer flowy wide legged pants u got from Korea, Im very interested! :)

Anonymous said...

leather shorts ARE love :)
love your style

nisa said...

hey dear if ure selling this im very interested! :)

nisa said...

the skirt i mean

penny said...

Ahh! will not be in town!:(
Post your sales online!!
Would like to see maxi dresses/floral dresses! :)

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: I'm unemployed la, need to find some cash, cannot donate yet. :/ Boo I want this pair of philip lim quilted leather shorts, but cannot afford, boo!!

nana: Sorry dear, won't be selling that!:)

anonymous: Thank you dear!<3

nisa: Mailed you already!:)

penny: Aww, bummer! Floral maxi dresses or floral (short) dresses AND maxi dresses? :P

MILK said...

Secretly jealous that u can fit into that YSL ring (or any ring at all!). LOVE!

Have fun at the Junkyard. It's gona be goooooood

revel in me said...

milk: That's 'cause you are so slim! *envious* Am quite excited about the sale! Wish you could be there too! :)

Anonymous said...

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