Thursday, November 25, 2010

Moose, beaver, owl, bunny.

Had a whimsical afternoon at Wondermilk.

My entertaining company.

Wearing a zoo on my fingers.

Love the idea of using a can as your food order number. And yes, red lipstick is a hazard when it comes to food/drinks consumption.

Enjoying a particularly healthy lunch of pesto chicken on wholegrain bread. Latte was a must, of course.

My bag felt at home at the cafe.

"Aaah, my mouth is full! I am still chewing!"

The rings came in a set of 4-- the fourth is a moose head. Whose antler was broken by me. :(

Sheer white chiffon shirt: Bangkok
Khaki green chiffon draped skirt: Bysi, Singapore
Silver cuff: Random
Animal rings: H&M
Leopard print faux pony hair pumps: Zhuhai
Tan bag used as clutch: Vintage

My obsession with animal accessories is brinking on being unhealthy.

By the way, it's time for a hair update! Any ideas on what to do? My hair is in your hands! :P


Anonymous said...

wanna try a bob haircut? might look cool on u ;)

mizzvickz said...

botak! heee hee

pixie? :P

Anonymous said...

looking ultra chic. loike!

Unknown said...

definitely a bob :D
and i also think you would soooo suit blonde hair.. go for it!
if not blonde, try a red'er tint to your colour now?

hahaha.. i cant wait to see you hair next.
and ps, wondermilk? where is that? it looks so cute and quaint.

Joshua said...


Anonymous said...

i think your current one suits your dressing style overall, but just look a little heavy esp the fringe. perhaps a little layering plus take a few inches off ?

Anonymous said...

Love your lipstick. Mind sharing which one it is? :)

xiang yun said...

Keep this style, I say. It makes you look really classy and suits your face. Short hair may make your face look big (pardon my honesty). Love your leopard print shoes. Smexy!