Saturday, November 06, 2010

Starbucks or Coffeebean?

What I wore to my 3rd Starbucks outing in 3 days. The irony is that I am actually more of a Coffeebean fan!

Threw on the outfit in less than 3 minutes. It was a hot day, but the breezy chiffon shirt seemed apt and comfortable enough for a chill-out coffee session.

Got this dainty gold wings necklace from Korea. Whilst most of the time I love my accessories big, bold and beautiful, I am a sucker for delicate, beautiful things.

Gold and blue was the theme of the day.

Am usually not a fan of gladiator sandals, but I will give this Michael Kors ones a chance. They are a bitch to wear though-- too many buckles kill the broth.

Navy chiffon shirt with gold buttons: Korea
Frayed denim shorts: Zara
Gold wings necklace: Korea
Gold gem stacked rings: H &M
Gold bow ring: Korea
Black leather sandals: Michael Kors
Studded slingbag: Gucci

Answer my question in the title! Consider it a poll to satisfy my curiosity.

By the way, I hope you guys aren't sick of all my Korean purchases yet! 'Cause as I have mentioned in my earlier post, I haven't forgotten you girls!
Pop by here tomorrow for some teasers of what I have in store for you. ;)


siaolee said...

hey wen,

you look so thin here!

definitely starbucks for me!

xiang yun said...

I'm a coffeebean girl! But Starbucks is very alluring at times too WTF anyways, I'm so loving your style now, I'd wear this to a chilling session anytime! Gorgeous shoes as well omg so chic, I can die!

Steffie said...

defs Starbucks :) i've always been a silent reader :) just wanna drop by and say you could really pull off the red lippie look!

Anonymous said...

You really do glow nowadays! :)
You must be happy! ;) Hehe!

Love your red lips! You pull it off really well :) & this whole outfit is so effortless! <3

Starbucks for their banana muffin!
I don't drink coffee :)

lyss said...

coffeebean for their hot vanilla. starbucks for their hot chocolate :)

kimmy said...

Starbucks, Iced Caramel Machiato is the best! :)

Yeah, I think you look skinny in this post too. Did you lose weight? what's your secret? :)

Also, love the chiffon shirt.

Anonymous said...

you look so gorgeous babe! love your navy shirt!

and i prefer starbucks over coffee bean anytime :)


mustardqueen said...

DITTO KIMMY FOR THE ICED CARAMEL MACCHIATO!! :D And green tea frappe, and mocha java. BUT I think I'm a chacago cheesecake die hard fan of coffee bean, and GLoria Jeans iced coffee fan (like mad fan I had 3-4 cups a week last sem wtf) :P

hw said...

Starbucks def!
damn, got a sudden craving for caramel mach n some lemon poppy seed muffins...

revel in me said...

siaolee: Thanks dear! It's the shirt, great cutting! :P

xiang yun: I love coffeebean, but everyone else seem to prefer starbucks, so I find myself visiting starbucks more often! T_T

steffie: Don't be silent anymore k! :D Thank youuu!

anonymous: Yup, you got it right, I am quite happy now! :D Thank you for the lovely words! And mmm I have tried their banana muffin too, very nice!

lyss: I LOVE coffeebean's hot vanilla! It's my comfort drink. :P

kimmy: It's the shirt!! The cutting is so awesome possum! And bodyattack in first first helps too, haha.

michelle: Thank you dear! Another awesome buy from korea! <3

mustardqueen: Coffeebean's cheesecake DAMN GAO NICE righttttt <3 <3 <3

hw: lemon poppy seed muffin? That sounds delish!! (and healthy! :P)

fourfeetnine said...

asia cafe WTF

-sarah- said...

:O if you don't mind me asking, how much did you get your wings necklace for in korea? because I just saw it here in Australia and I don't know if I should regret not buying it for 30AUD or scout elsewhere for cheaper ones

revel in me said...

sarah: Hi dear, so sorry, I just saw your comment! I got it for about rm40-ish I think? Aaahh 30aud is definitely a rip-off! :/ BUT if you really like it, it's worth it I guess! :)
(check the material first, 'cause if it's some ciplak metal, it might rust very quickly, which would make it an unworthwhile buy!