Sunday, November 21, 2010

You are going to be so jealous of my bag collection.

Sometime ago I promised to post up my buys from my recent trip to Singapore, so here it is:

The Chanel Bag

Technically, this Chanel purchase does not belong to me-- it's my mom's. However, I did chip in with my dad to get it for my mom! And thus I declare a share in it. :P

Singapore Exclusive limited edition. I have been coveting a red Chanel classic bag since forever, and whilst I am not crazy over the little charms (I prefer the Classic the way it is), my mom is a huge sucker for anything limited edition. Hence, this is a win-win situation: I have a red Chanel to borrow, and my mom gets her birthday present!

I first saw this bag in a magazine sometime ago, but I would have bet my last pence that I would never get to own it!! But now I own 20% of if, haha.

The YSL ring

My first YSL purchase.

I have jumped onto the bandwagon, and got myself the YSL arty ring! I know I know, every other person has one, but I really like it! It's all sold out in M'sia, and shipping from net-a-porter and the likes would cost a bomb. Unfortunately, Teeny has the same ring in almost an exact color stone! :( I would have avoided to have the same ring as hers, but I didn't like the other colors available (a pale glassy pink and a jade green). Ideally I would love the turquoise or the coral, but no such luck, they are out of it.

Other than that, I only got myself 2 (non-designer) bags! A huge feat for any trip of mine to only haul back 2 items. *pats back* I am really trying to curb my shopping for the moment-- my room is beyond salvageable, and my mom is only this close to allowing either me or my clothes in the house. -_-

Bag No. 1

A Topshop petals clutch! So pretty. However, I just saw a red one in Topshop KL, and I think I would like the red one more now (I already have a few black clutches). :(

Bag No. 2

HAHAHAHAHA Domokun backpack!

My family gave me the -_- and o_o looks when I parted with my cash for this furry brown monster. It's cute!!! *adamant*

I WILL USE IT, mark my words!


xiang yun said...

HAHAHHA! I want that domokun bag!!! I saw a kid crossing the zebra walk with this bag in Singapore.. I almost snatched it from him!! XD

Isis said...

I have that Topshop Petals Clutch :)

My mum got the Chanel bag too :P

Anonymous said...

How much was the ring?

mustardqueen said...

what almost exactly same colour T_T its the same thing lor wtfwtf except in different size hahahaha

smalls said...

when you bring your domokun bag out... ill bring my yoda one. WE WILL BE SO COOL TOGETHER : D

kimmy said...

OMG!!! Domokun!!! so cuteeeeee! I love domokun!! Hahaha Would like to see your outfit posts with the bag! :)

Huixin said...

OMG!!! I soooo want your Domokun bag!! Argh!! The cuteness! *Hyperventilates.

KITMEY said...
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KITMEY said...

LOL I look forward to seeing you carry that bag pack.. in high heels! hahah super cute!

Anonymous said...

what ring size do you wear for the YSL?

Anonymous said...

hi ! i was thinking of buying a chanel classic (black) for my mom, may i ask how much is the classic bag ? googled and find various answers, i thot its around RM10k but some said no. i thot you should know :P
yes, i can check out at the shop but i dont want to pengsan when they tell me the price. better be prepared.

revel in me said...

xiang yun: Hahaha I think if it was me, the kid would have been left crying on the road already-- 'cause I WILL snatch it, haha! Thank god I have my own one now. *shifty eyes*

isis: Wow, what a coincidence! That's 2 out of 3 bags that we share! Do you want to get a domokun too hahaha

anonymous: Google 'YSL arty ring' to be enlightened!

mustardqueen: Is it the exact same stone?? Yours have the gold specks too ar? Fark I was trying to cheat myself that they are *slightly* different T_T

smalls: This conversation is all too familiar... YOU ARE JUST TRYING TO FIND SOMEONE TO TEMAN YOU TO USE YOUR YODA BAG!:P

kimmy: Hahahahaha coming right up HAHA

huixin: The most coveted bag of the season HAHA

allison: High heels is a must! *mock seriousness* :P

anonymous: Size 6. Are you going to propose to me? ;)

anonymous: Your mom is so lucky! :) Hmm, I am not expert when it comes to chanel bags, but I think it's about RM12K now for the regular sized classic! The lambskin one is about rm14k.. I THINK. Best to just go check at the store! :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for indicative range so i wont faint when i go to chanel shop ... now, i think my mom is not so lucky after all :p
(i know she would killlll me if i spend so much on a bag, even if its for me on my account !)

Anonymous said...

Please show us a picture of that bag being worn okay? :) Your mum is so luckyyyy!!! Is it more orangey or a little like dark red? Thanks!!

revel in me said...

anonymous: Aww, it's ok, you can buy one for her later! She will appreciate it anyhow! :D

anonymous: I will I will! :) It's more towards dark red!