Thursday, December 02, 2010

Chloe bow sleeved top

Update: Aaaah, panic attack, my photobucket account has gone haywire, and now you think that I have a compass for a face with 'Bandwidth Exceeded' tattooed on it WTF. I am working on rectifying the problem now, be patient with me! :)

Update of the update: REVIVED!

I was deeply in love with this Chloe bow sleeved top featured in its Fall 2009 ad campaign since I laid eyes on it in a magazine-- I have been trying to find a similar design ever since.

Seen here on Anna Dello Russo.

So when I saw a bow-sleeved midi dress recently, I snapped it up without any second thought!

What I wore to a dinner with an old family friend along with my mom:

Black bow sleeved midi dress: Bangkok
Black patent vintage-esque belt: Temt, Melbourne
Black feather necklace: Random
Black knot blogs: Zara
Red rattan folder clutch: Vintage

Somehow, I was in the mood for an all black outfit for the night. Feeling a little bit of Wednesday Addams, maybe? Nonetheless, I made sure I had a pop of color by incorporating a little dash of red. Just to keep things interesting. :)

Found this feather rope necklace lying in my sister's room, and it was the quirky (but still black) detail that I was seeking to complete the outfit.


sweetiegem <3 said...
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revel in me said...

random blogshop: If you want to advertise, I do paid reviews or unpaid reviews for products I actually like/use, thanks.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Love ur haircut and hair colour =)

Anonymous said...

Looking gorgeoussssssss!!!!
Love d bag!!!!!

revel in me said...

anonymous: Haha, thanks dear! But I don't like the embellishment on the top... it's a little too girly for me. I saw a similar one on ASOS, but I can't justify paying in pounds, rawrr!

anonymous: Thanks dear! More changes coming soon though! :)

anonymous: Aww, thanks dear! <3

haze said...

nice but i think the skirt hem not so flattering..

mustardqueen said...

diva necklace ftw :P Wanna buy from me!?? :D:D:D

Adryna said...

hey , where you use to shop in bangkok? Really adore the bow sleeved dress too ;)

revel in me said...

haze: It's airier than maxi dresses!:P

mustardqueen:Nah,it's ok, I will continue to borrow from you! ;)

adryna: Platinum and chatchuchak! Thanks love! Just sold it today though, hehe!