Saturday, December 18, 2010

Project Aussie Day #10 and #11.

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Day #10

A productive day it was! We were out of the house by 9.30am (that's 6.30am M'sian time, mind you!), and went to Mount Dandenong (that's where this picture was taken) and hit two vineyards where Jing got tipsy from wine-tasting(5 sips maybe?). -_-

I've also stopped asking for entree sizes for my meals-- only full-fledged Aussie portions for me please! My reasoning is that I share my food, so it's okay. That, plus the fact that it's really cold (9 degrees in summer, are you kidding me???) means I burn off my food easily right? Right?


My sister is hotter than yours.

Had a really yummy Japanese fusion farewell dinner with my parents-- they are flying back to KL tonight. It feels strangely empty without my dad swiping at the Ipad with 'swoosh swoosh swoosh' sounds in the background, and my mom's hearty laughter and deathly glares to us to hand over the Ipad now. It's silly to be feeling like that 'cause we'll be seeing them after 10 days, hehe.

Today also marks the halfway mark of my trip! Time really flies when you are having fun.


xiang yun said...

Your sister Jing's picture so LOL-worthy hehehe! And love her headband :)

Jing said...

Why am i so hot WTF! :P

revel in me said...

xiangyun: It's from alannah hill!:)

jing: Botox-worthy lips!:P