Monday, December 20, 2010

Project Aussie Day #12: My first Aussie outfit post.

I haven't done an outfit post in sometime, so here's one for you guys.

HAHAHAHA. The most unglam picture of us in Australia thus far.

Joshua, Jing's bestie, called us the "Siti in the City", hahahaha. Melbourne is so cold it isn't funny! It was about 10 degrees at night-- whatever happened to summer? At this time 3 years ago (when I was around for my graduation), people were half naked everywhere! Now everyone is bundled in wool coats, knit scarves and leather boots. -_-

Navy jumpsuit: Teeny's
White cardie with navy trimmings: Teeny's
Cream trench coat: Teeny's
Star print wool scarf: Teeny's
Tan loafers: Aldo
Burgundy messenger bag: Zara

Yep, everything on me belongs to Teeny.

Before we came over, I checked with Teeny the weather in Melbourne, and in her exact words she told me:"It's chat hot here! Everything you wear in M'sia will be inappropriate-- it'll still be too hot". With her words of wisdom, I only brought over bits of lace, chiffon, silk and satin. -___-

The only remotely warm outerwear I have is a Topshop denim jacket that I asked my mom to bring over as an afterthought. I have to borrow everything from Teeny here-- and as she is like 2 feet taller than me, I look like a bag lady in all her clothes FML.


siaolee said...


where did teeny get those shoes?

revel in me said...

siaolee: Her shoes that she was wearing? I think they are from tony bianco

xiang yun said...

Your loafers deserve a close-up shot.. they look gorgeous! :D bought loads of stuff yet? :P

Anonymous said...

hi, hahahaha you guys look cute :)
sorry to bother you but what's the shopping like in seoul? please do tell us :) am thinking about going there soon! & where's the best places ;)

wish i had your glow btw ;)

Susan Lee said...

Hui Wen, you must be enjoying yourself over there. I miss your long posts. Do blog more often ya. And happy holiday. Xmas is just around the corner...Yippeee ;-)

p/s: I had read all your posts. Every single one, as you always brighten up my day with your stories. Cant't wait till you're back!* Fret not, I'm not a stalker. Just enjoy reading your cheerful blog.

revel in me said...

xiangyun: I'll do it in a proper outfit post! :) And noooo shopping in aus is so ex! T_T

anonymous: Aww, thanks dear!:) Shopping in seoul is awesome possum! Definitely make a trip to dongdaemun and myeongdong.:)

susan: Wow, thanks dear! It's always lovely to get comments like yours. <3 Will revert back to my usual posts once I am back!

Happy holidays to you too, and once again,thanks for being so sweet! You made my day! <333