Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Project Aussie Day #13 and #14.

Day #13

Met up with two of my dearest friends! In fact, Jac's picture was stolen from our meeting today-- we were so busy yakking away last night during dinner that we didn't take any pictures at all(HOW CAN THAT BE JAC!!).


Picture of my first proper shopping trip in my 2 weeks in Aussie!

And I bought a dress for New Year's Eve. Granted, I was just looking for an excuse to buy the dress... But hey, I reckon I need to look good ushering in the new year! :P


siaolee said...

shld check out dfo south wharf. currently my fav dfo compared to the other dfos

siaolee said...

did u like the corn fritters at mart130?

xiang yun said...

Love how you rock the red lips as an everyday look. I can't seem to get it right T.T

smallswong said...

Babe ! You and jac both look lovely. Wish i was there : )

Were these pictures taken by the canon s95? I have been eyeing that very same camera as well and will be buying it with this month's bonus

What are your reviews on it though? Must reply my comment ok. Life n death


jaclyn said...

haih why does your camera make me look like a ball?

Mirebella said...

Hey! Were you at Apte for brunch today? :)

revel in me said...

siaolee: I've been! But didn't really see anything that I like. And nope, didn't try the fritters! Are they good? :)

xiang yun: I usually wear them as a pop of color when I wear monotones! :) And alahh, I have seen pics of you with red lippie, you look fine! :)

smalls: We miss you too! And so I have no complains with the s95! I LOVE IT! :D

jaclyn: A ball is an antonym of you la!

mirebella: Yes I was! :) Were you there?

Anonymous said...

sell me the maxi black skirt?!

revel in me said...

anonymous: I do have a spare on to sell! Keep a lookout for velvet ribbon! :)