Thursday, December 23, 2010

Project Aussie: Day #15 and #16.

Day #15

My contacts broke the day before and I did not have any spare! Being the vainpot that I am, I borrowed a pair of contacts from Teeny-- although her power is half of mine. I am blind without glasses/contacts-- so with her colored contacts, I was half blind the entire day. However, wearing contacts which did not suit me left me with a huge migraine at the end of the day, and I had no choice but to wear my glasses the next day:

It wasn't easy to throw together an outfit that will match my glasses though! (yes I insist), 'cause florals/pastels and chiffon/lace (90% of the wardrobe that I brought over) will just look weird with my black frames. But I managed to put together something, and tried to make my glasses look like an accessory, hehe.

Black polyester blend midi dress: H&M
Silver choker: Topshop
Khaki cropped jacket: Bardot, Australia
Tan leather loafers: Aldo

Day #16

(If you are wondering why I am not wearing glasses here, it's 'cause my bestie Jac gave me a pair of disposable lens-- her power is very close to mine. HALLELUJAHHHH!!)

The black bag with the funny camel print on it carries 2 pair of jeans that I bought today! Got myself 2 pairs of Cheap Monday. I am just amazed that I could fit into a 25-waist!! The sales assistant (as well as Jac and Teeny) kept on pushing me to go one size down.

For example, after squeezing myself into a pair that already looked too small for me (looked more like fingerless gloves WTF), I collapsed outside to show Jac and Teeny the jeans. The SA asked, "Are they comfortable?" I held on to my hips, gasping for air (it ain't easy trying to pull on a second skin wtf), and told her "yea, I guess so". She clucked her tongue, "That means you should go one size down!". -_-

Anyway, I am really happy with the jeans! Though putting them requires extremely unglamorous and compromising positions that will make the author of Kamasutra blush WTF. Guess you guys will be seeing me in jeans a lot. :P


Joshua said...

YOU GOT THE JEANS??? :D Which onesssss.

Yeah, it constantly amazes me that I fit into size 26 for my Nudies. Bluff people wan wtf.

Granted, the first few wears, I couldn't eat more than a few teaspoons, and I was tempted to hop around instead of walk so the top button wouldn't burst open.

But now they fit just right! Even requiring a belt (well I insist so that they don't get loose)

Anonymous said...

where is the skirt from wen?

revel in me said...

joshua: Err I think they are the super tight skinnys! I am wearing them for boxing day tomorrow, so if you see a girl hopping, that's me wtf.

anonymous: it's actually a dress that I layered over!:)