Saturday, December 25, 2010

Project Aussie Day #17 and #18.

Day #17: X'mas eve

How did you spend your Christmas eve? :)

I spent mine getting dark on a grassy slope with people that I've missed (and will miss soon). I was making a flower garland (y'know, a floral wreath to wear around the head) here, and it turned out pretty well! More pictures later. :)


Picture taken with the fish-eye effect on my camera.

A day is well spent when at the end of the day your camera is filled with silly pictures that make you smile. :)

And yes, I wore red for Christmas.

I am off to do some push-ups and lunges for a last-minute fitness session-- I am waking up at 5am for Boxing Day sales! The day where all women are at their worst, hehe.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Schmae said...

Love Day #17's picture. :)

Anonymous said...

Love this pic

Any special effects used/ editing done?

ally said...

you look sooo pretty in the first picture! :) Merry Christmas dear, hope ur having the time of your life in Melbourne! (even though ur leaving tomorrow wtf)

tze said...

i am sooo jealous of all the sunshine you are getting! stupid london with stupid horrible weather with stupid delayed flights wtf.

looking happy, love :)

Michael Ch'ng said...

lovely picture.. =D So jealous the beautiful sunshine

revel in me said...

sheng mae: That makes the both of us! :P

anonymous: Thanks dear! Nopes, just plenty of good ol' happy sunshine! :)

ally: Heh, thanks love! Merry Christmas to you too!! Gosh we really need to catch up soon! It's been too long!<3

tze: We only got sunshine on X'mas eve and X'mas! Other days we had shit weather. -_- Thanks dear. :) I hope you are doing great too.*hugs*

michael: Thank you! I got too excited over the sunshine, and overdosed on it.. Now I am like 10 shades darker fml. T_T