Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Project Aussie: Day #7 and #8.

Day #7

I cannot describe how happy I was on this day! My parents came down with a gift for me-- the Canon S95!!! I have been wanting a semi-pro/ pro camera for sometime, but couldn't decide on whether I want to commit to a DSLR (and hence have to lug around a huge ass camera everywhere I go), or to sacrifice functionality for convenience and ease. At first I was thinking of getting the new Canon G12, but after reading some reviews, I decided to go for the S95, which has almost the exact functions as the G12,but is much much smaller! I just casually mentioned it to my dad while he was doing some camera lens shopping for Teeny (whose DSLR went into ICU recently), and he really got it for me-- and brought it down to Melbourne!! HELLO, BEAUTIFUL PICTURES! :D

Day #8

I couldn't decide on one picture only for Day 8 so I am posting two up. It was a toss-up between these two:

Picture taken with the timer on my (new!!) camera right before we left for dinner at maze by Gordon Ramsay. It was such such such a wonderful dinner that my tongue is still smacking and my stomach is purring peacefully till now! Though truth to be told, since my parents have arrived, we have been spoiled in terms of gastronomical delights!

Diet can wait.

My entire family is addicted to Veggie Samurai, hahahahaha. Teeny, Jing, me, my dad, and even my mom. Now the whole family queues up for a turn on the Ipad. Although there's an Itouch and Iphone each in the family, slicing and dicing veggies on the high definition version on the Ipad is much more fun! My mom, who doesn't have email, doesn't know how the internet works, doesn't know how to skype or MSN-- is cursing and swearing while swiping her fingers ala Zorro on the Ipad screen. And my dad, an esteemed doctor, spent 2 hours yesterday trying to beat Teeny's high score.You'll see him muttering "Cannot be cannot be...How can the score be so high...", "Aiyak, miss...","How come this game doesn't give 'life' when I play for so long"... HAHAHAHA.

Oh wait, sorry, I gotta go. It's my turn on Veggie Samurai! :P


Anonymous said...

"How come this game doesn't give 'life' when I play for so long"


by far the funniest comment on your blog, ever! XD

Xen ♥ said...

I agree with you! Some games are just much more fun on the iPad!! Like Pictureka and this flight control game.. funny how we can 'queue' to play with an iPad :D

Am jelly that you get to be in Melb for 21 days!! bring me back something!! *small voice* Please? HAHA


Joshua said...

Hahahahahhaha, chat funny wtf.

Please tell me how you find the camera! :) What's the quality like when you snap without flash, in the dark etc.

And how much was it! I'm considering getting a new cam before I leave for Europe mid-2011. Depending on whether I have money T.T

The Faux Fashionista said...

HAHA your family is so cute!

I am also debating between G12 and S95!!! My mind changes it's swaying towards the G12 because of the extra controls (more pro lol) and the hotshoe/external flash option (which I don't need yet).

revel in me said...

anonymous: I take offense!!! I have lots of funny comments, hehehe

xen: So far veggie samurai is the only game that I am addicted to! :P And I am really happy that I got to take a long break here too! 21 days actually seemed short now, heh.

joshua: I LOVE IT! Took pictures in Maze (low light),and they turned out great! :) I am still meddling and experimenting with it, but my whole family is really impressed with it! :D

fauxfashionista: I read some reviews, and the functions are almost identical! Like you said, I don't need the functions in G12, so I finally settled on the S95('cause it's smaller and lighter!)!:)

Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel