Sunday, January 30, 2011

HK/ Taiwan 2011: Day 4 (Part 1)


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Visuals from our first day at Taiwan! As usual, I am stuck with a mountain load of pictures, so I'll have to split them into separate posts.

We took a 10am flight from Hong Kong into Taiwan... which pretty much means that we had to wake up at 6am. T_T

After a sleepy check-in in the hotel, we took a walk around Ximending, where our hotel is situated at.


We decided to have lunch at an unassuming restaurant.

Let's guess how many layers my mom wore, haha.

The food that we ordered. They'll be split into Edibles and Inedibles.


This was just a simple dish of boiled squid and cuttlefish. I eyed it with suspicion, 'cause seriously, how good can boiled seafood taste?

The answer is.. Quite good! The squid and cuttlefish were extremely fresh, and went so well with the wasabi+soy sauce that came with it. They were so fresh that they tasted sweet. I am guessing that they scald them with soup (it was the right amount of chewiness which only the freshest seafood can achieve), because they are not one bit fishy!

The famous lu rou fan (rice with braised pork).

I've always imagined this dish to come with chunks of pork, like how lu rou (braised pork) is normally served in KL, so I was quite surprised that it was minced pork. The bowl is extremely tiny (say the size of my fist), but the pork was so tasty that I finished every morsel of rice. I am carb-phobic, btw. ;)

Lu ya (braised duck).

I've nothing to say about this because I am not a huge fan of duck meat, but everyone said it was really good.

Dou Gan (braised tofu).

Another famous dish in Taiwan. And yes, I asked the question too-- is everything braised in Taiwan?? wtf

Another simple dish of scalded beansprouts with minced meat.

Sometimes I think it's even more difficult to make a simple dish taste delicious? The taugeh (beansprouts) were just the right level of crunchiness, and went really well with the minced meat. An idea for me the next time I cook beansprouts! :P


Pig intestines. WHY OH WHY.

Pig lung. -___________-


Entertaining wall art outside a nearby saloon (Ximending is filled with saloons by the way).

I think I am going to pass on making a visit to this one, 'cause I can't take the risk of coming out of the saloon with an afro, or looking like a Red Indian chief or Medusa wtf.

Real height difference between my brother and I.

It was so cold that I had to borrow this wool scarf from my mom. The scarf is from New Zealand and has little kiwi birds on it-- I wouldn't be caught dead in it on any other day, heh.

We passed by some random shops which sell Taiwanese snacks... All I can say is I pity Taiwanese people wtf:

Beware of more Inedibles to come.

Beef tripe (stomach). Or can I just call it beef UGH.

Chicken feet that looked eerily like human fingers. T_T

Hehehe spying on a private moment. These women were trying on some Victorian costumes in a costume shop.

Happy Rabbit Year! HEHEHE.

Leopard print silk scarf.

We are deliriously obsessed with cute animal shaped food after our dimsum encounter in Hong Kong.

I know my pink gloves don't go with my outfit, but they were cute and I was cold, so there.

Peanut mochi! Btw, all desserts in Taiwan are mochis or some form of starch. -_-

We bought them with 3 fillings: red bean (my fave!), peanut and black sesame.
They all tasted the same, FOL.

The famous Ah Zhong mee sua!

I saw this exact scene in a Taiwanese travel show years ago, and it felt kind of surreal to see it in flesh in cement.

It was so gratifying to slurp on a steaming hot bowl of mee sua in the freezing cold!

I was really enjoying it until I spotted pieces of intestine. Haih.

My sisters are quite cute. Sometimes.

How much is that kitty in the window...
I wanted to say pussy, but it sounded wrong...

Found this candy shop which sells sweets and chocolates in the form of condoms, plasters, breasts, penises and even sanitary pads. -_-
Btw, the 2 characters on the bow at the lower right of the pictures reads: 'Masturbation' wtf.

My brother sure had a field trip buying souvenirs for his classmates at this candy shop. I wonder what did his teacher say when she found a bag of condoms in his bag, hahaha.

Like you could probably tell from my post here, Taiwan is full of amusing knick knacks. This is a notebook in the form of a kung fu book, haha.
If you watch Stephen Chow movies, you will get the joke for this particular kung fu book. :P

I will abruptly end here to leave you high and dry on a Monday.
More food and outfit details in the next post! :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sheer white embellished jackets.

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Isn't it beautiful? I love love love the intricate rope design, and the careful white gem placement around the edges...

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I like that the jacket can be dressed up or down... I can see the same jacket with a black maxi dress, killer heels and some red lippie, or a white chiffon bias hem dress... very apt for night. But this time around, I dressed it down, and wore it out for a c asual lunch.

White sheer embellished jacket: Bangkok
Loose white bias hem tank: Far East Plaza, Singapore
Frayed high waisted faded denim shorts with chain details: Bangkok
Silver disc necklace: Diva
Rings: H&M/ F21
Black string heels with gold anklet: ZOMP, Melbourne
Burgundy messenger bag: Zara

I love these shoes that I got from Melbourne recently! I got 7 pairs... -__- I was originally planning to wear them for night or formal events, since the gold chain details make them rather dressy. But surprise surprise, I wore them with tank top and shorts the first time I wear them out. That's me, I guess. I like unpredictability and rule-breaking, heh.


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Thursday, January 27, 2011

HK/ Taiwan 2011: Day 3 (Part 1)

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I have so many pictures from Day 3 in Hong Kong that I've to split them into entries! Pictures are numbered for your commenting convenience.

See what I mean by HK's awesome weather? I don't even need a coat or cardie!

HAHAHAHA damn funny, Teeny has a very bad habit of walking very quickly, so she and Brother Hoe walked way ahead of us, and went into the MTR station! My parents had to run after them to tell them that we were not taking the MTR... And these are their looks of shame as they walked back out of the underground MTR tunnel, HAHAHAHA.

We didn't take the MTR 'cause we were supposed to take the ferry to Kowloon!

Teeny's sexy butt.

Ralph Lauren, Miu Miu, and my cheap ass boots from Zhuhai.

Is it the sea breeze? Why did we look so fresh!

The almost surreal view.


Then it was off for some quality dimsum. We had dimsum at a Maxim branch.

Hurrah for food.

We got a sea view, score!

We are big on aesthetics, so we forced our dad to order this cute squid-like dim sum!
They are actually red bean pastries.

We are so cute wtf.

We also ordered:

The food was so good! Finally I feel that HK dim sum is comparable to KL dim sum. The reason why I said that is 'cause my dad knows of some of the best places to go for dim sum in KL, whereas we have been randomly hitting dim sum places in HK whenever my dad is not around.

We were so tempted to come back for high tea and order this! Isn't this so much cuter than the usual high tea tiers!

Do Re Mi.

Spot me.

Family shot.

My sisters could gracefully sit on the railing, but alas, I was too short!! T___T
Finally I found a way to clamber onto it-- by straddling it fml.

The Sunnies Gang--we kicked Jing out of the picture.

I have a talent to leap into the air and make my legs disappear wtf.

I looked like some super fierce Terminator robot! If looks can kill...


My dad, the puteri lilin, hahaha.

Then we went to Chui Wah for tea.
I blogged about Chui Wah in my previous post.

Some of the food:

Why don't M'sia's iced yin yong look like this?

Jing's pear tea. You can see the pieces of pear!

French toast.

Pork burger.

I am ashamed to admit that I had a bowl of Sze Chuan noodles, a serving of chicken rice (I couldn't bear with the thought of not eating the chicken rice again after I leave HK), and I still polished off half of the burger. It was SO good though! It was worth me getting sick from eating too much after that, heh.

Then it was Causeway Bay time!

This picture comes with a funny story!

Causeway Bay is packed with people, and it took us a couple of tries to get a shot where there isn't anyone blocking us. When we saw this shot that we captured, we wondered aloud: "Where did all the people go?" We turned, and saw a huge throng of people looking back at us.They have crossed the pedestrian crossing and could not go pass through 'cause we were blocking the way taking pictures, HAHAHA.

We ended the night with iced red bean (for me) and steamed milk (for everyone else), and Ajisen Ramen.

We truly are big eaters.


Gray cropped sweater: Topshop
Nude pleated chiffon skirt: Korea
Leopard print scarf: Far East Plaza, Singapore
Rings: H&M/ F21
Aviators: Rayban
Studded boots: Zhuhai
Bag: Miu Miu