Sunday, January 23, 2011

Describe your style?

The Chicpop Street Market is over and done with!

And I myself feel over and done with too WTF.

I am so tired it's impossible to put into words...After the event was over, I came home straight and crashed from 7-8pm. I woke up at 8pm from hunger (I haven't eaten anything for the entire day except for a few bites of a low fat Starbucks muffin), bought takeaway KFC, decided halfway eating that I was too tired to chew, gave my meal to my brother,and slept from 9pm-11pm. I woke up at 11pm 'cause I had a nightmare. -__-

Just going to do a short post since I am feeling semi-wake now after my 2 naps...Please don't mind me if my sentences are not that coherent, heh.

This is from a few days ago, dinner with some girlfriends at Prime, Le Meridien.

Before the dinner, I was freaking out 'cause Jing read on a food blog that a meal at Prime for 3 people cost RM1600.


In the end, we went luxe and ordered wine anyway.

In very small print: We ordered the cheapest wine on the winelist, hahaha. We wanted to order the 2nd cheapest wine to not look like cheapskates WTF, but the waitress recommended the cheapest one instead. Bless her kind soul!

Unfortunately for me, I don't take beef! Which is a pity, 'cause Prime is famous for its steaks. I ordered the grilled cod fish (RM90) which was pretty good.

In very small print: But didn't go well with the red wine that we ordered, hahaha.

Sauces for our mains! I had a creamy citrus sauce, which is considered very adventurous of me, because I like to stick to the tried and tested, heh.

Yummy sides--truffle mash, cheese spinach, portobello mushrooms. These are quite decently priced--below RM20, and very generous servings as well (meant to share)!

L-R: Michelle, me, Victoria, Rebecca.

I cannot begin to explain how much I love a girls' night out. :D

Back view of my dress. Picture credits to Victoria!

Michelle reminds me of a very tiny delicate doll! I felt like a man next to her WTF.


Sky blue satin pleated backless dress with leather straps: Bangkok
Gold chainlink belt: F21
Green plaid cape (used as a pashmina): Imported from Korea
Rings: Korea/ YSL
Bracelet: Thomas Sabo
Sandy brown leather heels: Wittner, Australia
Bag: Miu Miu

I was asked to describe my style at the Chicpop event today. Sometimes I find it difficult to describe my style... But I guess this dress will be a good representative. You might notice that I no longer dress girlie-- I no longer wear bows in my hair, or wear clothes with cupcakes or some equally cutesie print.

Instead, I try to marry girlieness with a little edge, like a flirty dress with fierce shoes, or silks and florals with leather... I like to mix hard and soft together, a little bit of sex with boyishness, that kind of thing. And comfort. I am way bigger on comfort now than when I was younger-- of course, this doesn't apply to my collection of shoes, heh. Which also explains why I like unpretentiousness-- effortless chic is sexy. I like a little imperfection, a little spontaneity, and just a tiny bit of whimsy. Which is why this dress is perfect. The leather halter straps, the soft satin fabric, the slightly frayed petals.


Sammy said...

hey there!
so nice to finally get to see you and your sisters! just like to say you guys did an amazing job today at the street market; your items are all so pretty! wish i have all the money in the world to buy, stare n not wear the pretty things, haha!
anyway, i purchased a lace top and necklace from ting (i think!); love it so much! i look forward to seeing boudoir-boudoir partaking in events like this more often because i really like your shop!
sorry for the lengthy post but i just felt like i needed to profess my love for your shop at this ungodly hour LOL.

Yan Ping said...

I super duper extremely heart ur dress !!! U looked gorgeous in it ! Not saying that becos u r my cousin really mean it. I can't wear backless cos my boobs will fall out.. :p so I always envy people who dress in them.. Ur Bangkok finds are amazing.. make me feel like pestering hubby for Bkk trip soon

tze said...

oh so THIS is the dinner haha

eh give me that dress i really really like it!

xiang yun said...

I agree with you that efforless chic is the way to go! And I'm really digging your current style compared to your style, say one year ago (although both are stylish). Just feel that you stand out more with your current style and not the usual cookie-cutter cutesy style we see oh-so-often these days. Thumbs up! (Y)

Thistle Trinkets said...

Snap! I got the exact dress but in black!! Lol....

N your friend Michelle does look like a doll!! So cute!!!

revel in me said...

sammy: Hi sammy, thank you so much for your lovely words! We would love to participate in future events like this as well, more to spread the love of treasure hunting! :P Once again, thank you thank you thank YOU! We are really flushed with pleasure over your compliments! <3

yan ping: Awww, thank you very much! You SHOULD bug him to bring you asap! The last time you told me you will egg him to go to BKK was last year, MUST DO IT ASAP! :D

tze: Haha, ya,this was the expensive dinner I was afraid of! :P Eh I am not working now do you think I will give anything for free WTFF

xiang yun: Thank youuu! <3 I do feel way more comfortable dressed the way I do now, and ultimately that's the most important right? :) Hands up for your thumbs up! \(^^)/ WTF hehehe

thistle trinkets: Great minds! :D And yes she is shhhooooooo cute! <3

Kim L said...

Hi Hui Wen.
It was really nice meeting and chatting with you yesterday :) You're so bubbly and friendly in real life.

I think we we would have chatted way longer if you didn't have customers waiting for you.

Anyway, I agree with what you meant by it's hard to describe your style to other people. I think in fashion, you have to experiment a little to make it fun. mix and match till you find the perfect balance for yourself.

(the girl with the rabbit ring ala Gary Pepper Vintage, just in case u don't remember)

The Faux Fashionista said...

I love GNOs too! So much better than clubbing <3

You look gorge as always, and I heart your friend Michelle's skirt!

p.s. When are we meeting up? Let's do tea so we can dress up pretty please? =)

Joce said...

nice dress! it was nice meeting in u in person.. :) jocelyn here, the one who asked bout the top Manny was wearing (which many ppl did i guess lol) and u asked if we met in leftblock

revel in me said...

kim: Haha, the GPV rabbit ring is a dead giveaway! :P Of course I remember you,why are you so pretty. T__T Even my sisters remember you as the 'pretty girl with the rabbit ring'! And omg, now that I see your blogger, I definitely remember you! I've read your blog from quite sometime ago!! Can't believe we got to meet!<3 So sorry though that we didn't get to chat for longer (agree with you, we would have gotten to chat way longer if the stall wasn't so busy!) Have fun for your holidays back home! :)

faux fashionista: YAA I think I am getting old! I prefer tea/drinks sessions to clubbing! Michelle's skirt comes as a dress from Gallo! :)

YESS let's plan woohooo

joce: You are right, damn a lot of people asked about Manny's top,haha! Ya, I remember you! <3 Thank you for dropping by and saying hi! <333

Kim L said...

Aww so sweet of you and ur sisters. Thanks for the nice comment.*shy*

Yeay, you remember me! :) was a bit embarrassed to say you've commented on my blog before. hehe

Am glad to finally meet you in person too, too bad everyone was busy, if not I could've met your sisters too as I do read their blogs :)

Keep blogging!I do like ur posts.