Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Do you notice anything different with me?

Actually you shouldn't wtf.

The difference should be slight (or unnoticeable fml), but I have actually changed my foundation! Or rather, I've started using foundation again. Since my skin breakout a year plus ago, I have stuck to using BB cream, which unfortunately does not match my skin tone, and hence makes me look a little too fair. During my recent trip to Hong Kong, I jumped at the opportunity to grab some Giorgio Armani make-up (if I am not mistaken, the only GA counter in M'sia is in KLCC, and even then, I am not sure whether it has closed down?), 'cause I have heard wonderful things about GA's foundations!

So far I am liking it! It looks quite natural, and doesn't feel cakey. What do you think? :)

By the way, if you did notice a difference in me, congratulations! You are a true stalker wtf.

A lazy lunch with my sisters. Felt like precious stolen moments because we weren't supposed to be there. No no, it isn't like a rendezvous or anything like that, just that Jing was supposed to be back in Newcastle by now! But she caught a flu bug (or maybe it's exhaustion from our HK/Taiwan trip?) and was forced to postpone her flight! Blessing in disguise 'cause it means we can spend more time together. :)

My sister can turn into a cat, can yours? Cream pasta always make me feel guilty. Teeny was upset at me 'cause I thought her pretty Nasty Gal lace blouson is from Bangkok, HAHA. Yellow Miu Mius brighten any day. My sister has a dead animal hanging from her bag. Red lanterns remind me that Chinese New Year is coming!


Lilac geometry print mini dress with tie-up sleeves: Bangkok
Layered chain necklace: Teeny's
Marble-esque rosette bracelet: Topshop
Ring: H&M
Black suede platforms: Topshop
Black chiffon petal clutch: Topshop

I am amazed at the number of animals in this picture, full stop.


Anonymous said...

jing looks like ting in the first pic

melissa said...

Haha I was going to say the same thing as the first commenter.

I thought it was Ting for the longest time and was wondering if Ting started doing her makeup exactly like Jing, hahaha oops.

Your complexion looks great with your new foundation! :)

Your post left me wondering if I could find Gorgio Armani makeup in Singapore but I am currently using Lancome Miracle Teint and it works great in giving a dewy complexion!

mustardqueen said...

woiwoi some of the pictures you should credit ME!! :D and dear commentators I'm now a redhead!!!!! aahahaha

bjk said...

i'm thinking of buying a s95 just coz your photos are amazing! did you actually edit them, i mean the colours and everything?

xiang yun said...

I fall under the stalker category :s wtf and I'm kinda not used to seeing you without the flaming red lips! Loving the scowling picture.. you've perfected the LookBook look! :D

Thistle Trinkets said...

You been looking amazing for the last few posts and maybe it has to do with your foundation or maybe all the holidays but either way - loving it!

The Faux Fashionista said...

Yes GA foundation is amazing!

For flawless, glowing skin, apply with a sponge. <-- Insider tip ;)

Love the pop of mustard yellow!

revel in me said...

anonymous: Haha we all look like each other in some way or another, especially if you catch us at the right angle!

melissa: Jing and I feel that after Jing's haircut, at a quick glance, she looks like Ting! Thank you dear!<3 I am pretty sure SG sells GA makeup! But if lancome is working for you, then don't bother switching! It's hard to find a foundation that suits you! :)

mustardqueen: Take more picture of me with your awesome camera then I credit you ok? :P

bjk: You are not the first to say that! So far I have had at least 5 people telling me that they want the s95 after seeing my pics! :D The s95 is sold out already though, though there are some places selling it for slightly higher prices at low yat. I usually sharpen the lighting in my pictures, more out of habit. The pictures are actually awesome even without any editing! I LOVE MY CAMERA! Hope that helps, haha.

xiang yun: YOU MEAN YOU NOTICED THAT I WAS USING A DIFFERENT FOUNDATION?? Cannot be right! I myself couldn't notice, haha. And oi don't like that! I can't go around using red lippie forever.. T__T My dad commented it's too red fml.

thistle trinkets: AWWWWW that's so sweet of you!! I don't think it's the foundation, 'cause besides this batch of pictures, so far I haven't posted any pics of me in my new foundation yet!:) I guess it's just happiness! :D

faux fashionista: Really??? *runs out to get a sponge*

Do you like the pop of fur WTF.

The Faux Fashionista said...

Yes really! Try it with and without and you'll see the difference :)

Hmm....the fur kind of scares me, but I bet if I were sitting next to it I'd start absent-mindedly stroking it, because that's what I did to my friend's faux fur shrug the other day.

aimee said...

hie there, just wondering which GA foundation r u using? would it be the luminous silk foundation? if it is, is it not too greasy for m'sian weather? thanks