Thursday, January 27, 2011

HK/ Taiwan 2011: Day 3 (Part 1)

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I have so many pictures from Day 3 in Hong Kong that I've to split them into entries! Pictures are numbered for your commenting convenience.

See what I mean by HK's awesome weather? I don't even need a coat or cardie!

HAHAHAHA damn funny, Teeny has a very bad habit of walking very quickly, so she and Brother Hoe walked way ahead of us, and went into the MTR station! My parents had to run after them to tell them that we were not taking the MTR... And these are their looks of shame as they walked back out of the underground MTR tunnel, HAHAHAHA.

We didn't take the MTR 'cause we were supposed to take the ferry to Kowloon!

Teeny's sexy butt.

Ralph Lauren, Miu Miu, and my cheap ass boots from Zhuhai.

Is it the sea breeze? Why did we look so fresh!

The almost surreal view.


Then it was off for some quality dimsum. We had dimsum at a Maxim branch.

Hurrah for food.

We got a sea view, score!

We are big on aesthetics, so we forced our dad to order this cute squid-like dim sum!
They are actually red bean pastries.

We are so cute wtf.

We also ordered:

The food was so good! Finally I feel that HK dim sum is comparable to KL dim sum. The reason why I said that is 'cause my dad knows of some of the best places to go for dim sum in KL, whereas we have been randomly hitting dim sum places in HK whenever my dad is not around.

We were so tempted to come back for high tea and order this! Isn't this so much cuter than the usual high tea tiers!

Do Re Mi.

Spot me.

Family shot.

My sisters could gracefully sit on the railing, but alas, I was too short!! T___T
Finally I found a way to clamber onto it-- by straddling it fml.

The Sunnies Gang--we kicked Jing out of the picture.

I have a talent to leap into the air and make my legs disappear wtf.

I looked like some super fierce Terminator robot! If looks can kill...


My dad, the puteri lilin, hahaha.

Then we went to Chui Wah for tea.
I blogged about Chui Wah in my previous post.

Some of the food:

Why don't M'sia's iced yin yong look like this?

Jing's pear tea. You can see the pieces of pear!

French toast.

Pork burger.

I am ashamed to admit that I had a bowl of Sze Chuan noodles, a serving of chicken rice (I couldn't bear with the thought of not eating the chicken rice again after I leave HK), and I still polished off half of the burger. It was SO good though! It was worth me getting sick from eating too much after that, heh.

Then it was Causeway Bay time!

This picture comes with a funny story!

Causeway Bay is packed with people, and it took us a couple of tries to get a shot where there isn't anyone blocking us. When we saw this shot that we captured, we wondered aloud: "Where did all the people go?" We turned, and saw a huge throng of people looking back at us.They have crossed the pedestrian crossing and could not go pass through 'cause we were blocking the way taking pictures, HAHAHA.

We ended the night with iced red bean (for me) and steamed milk (for everyone else), and Ajisen Ramen.

We truly are big eaters.


Gray cropped sweater: Topshop
Nude pleated chiffon skirt: Korea
Leopard print scarf: Far East Plaza, Singapore
Rings: H&M/ F21
Aviators: Rayban
Studded boots: Zhuhai
Bag: Miu Miu


Felice said...

You are making me hungry Wen!!! Do you remember where is Maxim? Am going to HK this year & would love to try their dim sum....

ap said...

omg i love ferrying- fav mode of transport everrr plus its cheap like nobodys business lol theres also the ding ding trams also cheap but u get packed like sardines sweaty and gross in summer.... dimsum in hk i think the most famous is lung king heen but there are quaint teahouses abound.....did u check out indie boutiques in hk? i saw emma cook last year which is LOVE

Anonymous said...

Dear Wen
Love your travel & fashion post!
Really think you should co-write in some travel columns.. They make people so happy reading it! And your fashion sense is amazing... if only i know how to dress like that...

passer by reader

Xen ♥ said...

Youre making everyone hungrehhh! Btw the porcupine/hedgehog pastry is too cute. I like how you and your sisters all have very different styles but you girls pull it off beautifully (:

siaolee said...

hey wen,

which dim sum places in kl that you were talking about in this entry?

revel in me said...

Felice: The name of the place is actually not Maxim-- it's a sister restaurant of Maxim (same management), so it's of a different name! But I can't remember the name of the place now! :/ It's at the marriage registration center.. which is right next to the Kowloon ferry stop. I will check with my dad and drop you another comment! :)

ap: Omg are you from HK? :) Ya the ferry trip was so cheap, like rm2! And we took trams as well, for like 90 cents per trip? DAMN CHEAP! I haven't heard of lung kin heen though, but will definitely check it out the next time I am in HK! :D And nooo we didn't get to check out the indie boutiques! Our trip was really rushed, we could only hit H&M and Monki and Times Square and that was about it. Where are these boutiques located? :)

passer by reader: That's the sweetest thing anyone can tell me! T___T Haha, I sure wouldn't mind doing a traveling column-- being sponsored for traveling... *drifts off and becomes dreamy* :P

xen lee: You think I don't get hungry from writing this post is it! T_T Thank you thank you! Sometimes people compare our styles, but what they don't get is that we each have our own style! <3 And OI WOMAN, you left without saying bye that day ar!!

siaolee: We usually hit the chinese restaurant at Federal Hotel (next to Low Yat), ithas very traditional HK dimsum. Hee Lai Tun at Shaw Parade (Center?) in KL is good too. You can try Jaya Palace too, their siew yoke is very nice! (but is not dim sum la wtf). Those are the restaurants from the top of my head, my dad is a better person to go to! :P

Joshua said...

Very cheong fun.

And very long fun post! (geddit geddit!wtf)

siaolee said...


have you tried ritz carlton and ming room?

sherlyn said...

the octopus so damn cute!!!!!!! I WAN!!!!! lolzz I'm gonna make one for cny~ hahaahah

revel in me said...

joshua: Cheong fun to us (and hongkies)is an insult! T__T Please check with Jing what it means wtf. :)

siaolee: Yep, I have tried ritz's dim sum, it's pretty decent as well!:) As for ming room, I've only been there for dinner,can't comment on their dim sum!

sherlyn: OMGG you are so talented you can make animal shaped pastries! T__T

siaolee said...


you should definitely try ming room. its my fav!!!

PVB said...

ur brother is getting more & more handsome, bright future ahead! hahaha

mustardqueen said...

the place is call Serenade wtf what a name hahaha and and is FUN CHEONG that they find ot offensive not cheong fun wtf so kau

xiang yun said...

The boots are so spunky, adds a real edge to the otherwise neutral outfit :) love the element of unpredictability! How did you squeeze all that eating, sight-seeing and shopping into 3 days?! Amazing!!!

The Faux Fashionista said...

Awesome pics! I think you'd make an excellent travel + fashion blogger :)

I really like how you and your sisters have 3 very distinct styles, and yet are able to borrow from each others' wardrobes and make a piece "your own".

ROFL at the story behind the pedestrian crossing picture. So considerate of everyone to wait for you all to finish taking pics :)

Kim L said...

The octopus pastries way too cute to be eaten! :)

I love the "Do Re Mi" shot of you and ur sisters. such fashionable siblings u three!

Kim L said...

Since you and your sisters love high tea so much, mind telling me where I should go for high tea in KL?

My mom and i are both fans! x

revel in me said...

siaolee: Okies, noted! :D

PVB: Hahaha you're not the first one who said that! But it's weird and eww-inducing for us to imagine our brother as handsome! :P

mustardqueen: Hahaha oh ya hor it's fun cheong! Eh, I thought the place has a chinese name??

xiang yun: You always make my outfits sound better than they actually are! Haha.. Actually, it's TWO days! 'Cause the first night we arrived at midnight and didn't get anything done. :P

faux fashionista: Aww, you are too kind with your words! T_T Actually, you are spot on! We are really able to wear the same piece, but wear it in a different style... *revelation* hehehe... I think they were too stunned by us! :P

bombshell: Thank you darling!<3 We usually hit Shangrila, 'cause they have a discount for AMEX holders! I heard Westin is really good as well, and you get 50% off if you have the Starwood card! :)

ap said...

yup i'm made in hk but am an insult to the average honger who thrives on efficiency and lightning the boutiques are located in central and causeway bay tucked in way-by streets unfar from most shopping traffic etc indie boutiques seem to be having abit of a hard time unless theres celebrity effect(like edison chen's wife's one which the mags trashed as a business fail but the one time i went the racks were bought OUT wtf buyer fail hahaha) prices can be negotiable sometimes but markup seems to be high unless theres a sale(which being hk there usually is)...... i'm usually in hk during summer so if u come then we could go shopping.... not forgeting FOOOOD XD

revel in me said...

ap: Omg that's so cool! Are you in malaysia currently? I usually go to HK in july (that's summer right!) or year-end, so if I come you can bring me go shopping right? :D :D :D How can I contact you! Holler on my blog ar,haha..

ps: Edison chen is MARRIED???!!!

ap said...

i mean 陈奕迅 in case u got that WRONG hahaha his wife here
i'm in canada actually cold forlorn canada *wind blowing sound lol july it is if im there :D facebook add?

Sue Lin said...

Love ur family shot with the buildings behind!