Friday, January 07, 2011

I am staying with Rihanna.

Went for karaoke with my sisters yesterday... We are all kinda emo now as Jing is leaving in mid-January, which doesn't leave us much time together. :(

Which was why although I just karaoke-d over the weekend and pretty much has a tortured throat, I still abide to my sisters' command wishes.

What I wore as a singing diva!

I am totally in love with this vintage top I have on! I thrifted it in Singapore in one of their fleas some time ago, and have totally forgotten about it! The twist to this top is the longer hem at the back. Love the bright jewel tone as well. :)

The awesome back!

And these are my new shoes from Topshop. Half price is always a good price, heh.

Jade green silk puffed sleep wrap-around top with black lining and long tail hem: Vintage
Ripped denim shorts: Korea
Black suede belt with gold buckle: Topshop
Silver necklace: Diva
Black suede block heels with gold trimmings: Topshop
Black studded bag: Miu Miu

And someone in the Hoe household went for a makeover recently!!! And she is shy.

I am just amazed at how she managed to avoid getting her face capture in every single one of my pictures! I hereby conclude that she is a superhero. Or at least a master in disguise.

I was dreaming 'cause my sisters were singing some Taylor Swift's song (not my cup of tea, especially after singing it during my weekend karaoke rendezvous), and suddenly one of my favorite songs came on.

I sat up with a start, "MY SONG! MY SONG!", and grabbed the mike.... the wrong end. HAHAHAHA.


Joce said...

love the vintage top!! such a nice color and the longer back definitely makes it better!
u alwiz have an eye for beautiful things :)

sherlyn said...

Perfect combination! i love every single piece tat u wear here~ :p

xiang yun said...

The vintage top is a gem. Love the fish-tail back it has!!! So pandai to find such a piece hehehe. Your shoes!! ARGGHHH half price?! ARGGGHHH!

Anonymous said...

Ur not working anymore?
Back to using ur daddy's money ar? But nvm also lah,ur daddy rich :)))

Anonymous said...

Hi babe u got the topshop heels half price??! HOW TO?


revel in me said...

Joce: Aww dear,thanks, that's sweet off you! :)

Sherlyn: Haha, thanks love! <3

Xiang yun: Hehe, indeed they were great finds! (Both the top and the shoes heee) :D

Anonymous: I am currently doing some traveling before I begin working in kl for good. I can assure you that working in singapore for 2 years have left me with a healthy savings balance, and I do not, and will not depend on my dad's money. My dad has raised me that way. Thanks for your interest though!

Jasmine: Topshop is on sale now! :)