Monday, January 10, 2011

Is that a pair of grandma panties!!!

Picture-heavy post! You might have guessed that I randomly pick pictures from my Aussie trip to blog about, and I thought I was going to do a short post with just a few pictures... But I ended up with almost 40 pictures to post up! -_-

My conclusion is either my camera takes really good pictures, or Melbourne is very scenic. ;) (or I am very beautiful WTF)

With the parents! Don't mind my dad, my grandma didn't give him a smiling gene wtf.

The white bit poking out at the hem of my shorts is not my grandma panties WTF, but it's case of my top being longer than my shorts! But what do you want me to do, tuck my top into my underwear ar WTF.

Teeny refuses to take pictures of us so we have to resort to self-camwhoring. T_T

My favorite cupcakes IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!

We had brunch at Degraves Street to let my parents experience the cafe culture in Melbourne.

Hello mocha!

I refused to take any of the pizza... It was way too early for cheese and the works! Not to mention I was starting to get sick of Western food by then. -_-

I settled for a chicken foccacia instead.

We sneaked in cupcakes, nyehehe! My favorite flavor is Red Velvet.

I like my jawline here! Which I can say the same about the expression fml.

Random pictures from the day that makes me smile:

Shhhhh, don't disturb Piggy, HAHAHA.
That's Teeny's eyemask, by the way.

I am attracted to designs and textures.

Wind in the hair moment!

A little bit of Christmas in the air.

The back of my top.

I repeat, my favorite cupcakes IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!

Excuse the Asian in me.

Spot my favorite word.


My mom's foot and her new shoes (refer to #my favorite word).

Melbourne and its randomnesses.

Me contorting myself like a supermodel... Actually it was just a bump on my sweater, hehehe.

Handsome horses! But smelly. They wore reindeer antlers as Christmas drew nearer, hahaha.
I wonder whether they suffer from identity crisis wtf.. "Am I a horse? Am I a reindeer??" HAHAHAHAHA.

Street performer that contributes to the bustle of Melbourne city.

We also took truckloads of pictures at Little Flinder Street!

Somehow the street always remind me of Diagon Alley from Harry Potter, hehe.

My sisters look like they came out of a Chanel ad! -_-

I love quaint alleys!

I have no idea why am I caught mid-curtsy.


Cream satin tank with cowl-back: Topshop
Floral chiffon shorts with bows: Topshop

Peach holey knit sweater: Topshop

Neon orange fabric chain link necklace:Bangkok

Rings: F21/ Korea/ H&M

Tan leather clogs: Steve Madden

Burgundy messenger bag: Zara

Can you tell I am a Topshop fan? :P


Susan Lee said...

Ooh... beautiful photos you've. Well, first of all you're pretty to so take more pictures of yourself! As you know we love your photos and more on your shopping and the places you visits... Have fun!

Thistle Trinkets said...

You look gorgeous in every pic!!

Make me miss melb - lucky I am going back in March! Can't wait to try little cupcakes!!

The Faux Fashionista said...

Ooh! I love the pictures you've taken :)

Whenever I visit a foreign city, I'm drawn to the same things - cozy cafes serving comfort food, quaint alleys bursting with local flavors, all sorts of street kinda feels like you're soaking in the essence of that city right?

Lovely outfits too btw, I can never muster enough energy to dress up when traveling. I guess it helps when you have 2 fashionable sisters and 1 fashionable mother (with amazing taste in shoes, bags and pedicures LOL).

xiang yun said...

Head to Topshop! Love it! Super loving the floral shorts. Looks extremely comfy. Every picture looks gorgeous - the lighting, the scenery, the people <3

Adryna said...

is it just me but u look like koreans! u look great btw. :) i can go through your blog with another 1000 pictures more :p

mg said...

Just wondering are you platform wedges comfy?? i always seem to get sore on the ball of my feet when i wear high heels for long distance walking T_T and i need the extra height.. Do you have any method to reduce soreness or issit worth it to slurge on high-end shoes. Thanks!!! :)

mg said...

woopss *splurge :)

revel in me said...

susan: Hee I am definitely taking heed of all of you guys' words-- loads of pictures! :P thanks dear!

thistle trinkets: Thank you! <3 Lucky you! I love melbourne!! Don't think I'll be going back anytime soon though! :(

faux fashionista: Thank you babe! I like to experience the local lifestyle when I travel... The things you mentioned are things I enjoy very much, but we probably won't see the same things, say if we go to China? Hehe. And I love to dress up when traveling, especially in the cold weather, 'cause that's about the only time I can play with layering! :P My mom will be pleased! :D

xiang yun: The shorts ARE super comfy! But a tad short. T_T I dunno why all our pics in melb look better!

adryna: Haha, koreans before or after cosmetic surgery WTF. Thanks dear! :) And emm, you got your wish, 'cause I am pretty sure there will be 100 pictures coming your way. :P

mg: Hi dear, yeps, my platforms are comfy! If you want comfier shoes, I would definitely recommend platforms, especially those that are flat on the sole, but comes with a thick/chunky heel (not sure whether you know what I mean), 'cause then you won't be standing ala tiptoe the whole day, and hence it puts less pressure on your feet! As the years go by WTF, I really think there is truth in you get what you pay for, so I would invest a little more in shoes... Most of my topshop shoes are pretty comfortable, and my tan leather steve madden ones are good as well.. You might have to wear in your shoes, no matter which brand you get! :) (btw, most of my zara shoes are not that comfortable fml). Hope that helps! :)

mg said...

Thanks a lot for ur advice :)