Tuesday, January 04, 2011

NYE and that thing about colorful hair.

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How was the start of your new year? :)

I had a pretty crappy start to the new year, which disillusioned me into thinking that I am doomed for the rest of 2011. (Who was the idiot again who told me that how you were on new year's day will determined how you will be for the rest of the year? -_-). However, the past few days have been awesome, and I can't help but feel encouraged again for this year. :D

The reason for my bad start to the year was stupid Genting Highlands! My whole family went up to Genting for NYE since my mom got a free room for her birthday (which falls on NYE), quoting her, "let's try something new for NYE". Around late 11pm, we gathered in the theme park for the much awaited fireworks. I passed my mobile phone to my brother 'cause I didn't bring my bag with me (paranoia about pickpockets in crowds), so I had no concept of time. Anyway, there we were, waiting in the cold and fog (SO MISTY!), and besides the occasional "testing testing 1 2 3 4" on the speakers, there were no signs of even a firework spark or any form of countdown. By then, I already had the sinking feeling that we've missed our countdown. Before we knew what hit us, the speakers blared out:"We are sorry to inform you that the fireworks show is postponed till tomorrow at 8pm". WTFFFF??? Obviously the crowd broke into "boo"s and a current of displeasure rushed through the mast of people. It was 15-20 minutes past 12 then!!! ARGHHH WE HAVE MISSED OUR COUNTDOWN. I could forgive Genting for canceling the fireworks, 'cause granted, it was very misty (and hence wet), but how could such a big corporation not have any backup plans??? Not even a streamer??? And how could they not inform us earlier??? How could they not do a countdown?? ARGHHH thinking about it makes me pissed off all over again. And I am basically recounting this tale to anyone who is willing to listen (i.e. has ears). Heh.

Note to you, don't ever celebrate NYE in Genting!

Anyway, discounting the crappy non-countdown, I've spent the first 2 days of my new year catching up with my oldest friends (the friendship, not my friends) in the world, and meeting up with some retarded people who stand on karaoke couches with me while bellowing Beyond songs at the top of our lungs. :D The warm fuzzy feeling is seriously awesome. And something is going to make this year an exciting one, so I am definitely having a good feeling for 2011. ;)

Now that I am done ranting (about NYE) and gushing (about the new year), let me go back to posting pictures from Australia, hehe.

First day in Melbourne after our $##%^%^& Air Asia flight! An 8 hour long Air Asia flight always leave me feeling as if I had my bones rearranged. T_T

Nice (read: expensive) lunch with Teeny to celebrate her belated birthday!

Because our main courses were forgettable, I am only going to post up pictures of our desserts:

Actually the first 2 desserts were also forgettable wtf (though yummy), but the third hairy dessert deserves a special mention! It's pistachio nougat & candied fruit parfait, and the hairy tuft tastes like cotton candy only more more more awesome! I mean, I have always wondered about how having a tuft of hair in your throat feels like (y'know how they say cats choke on balls of fur?), and now I know wtf. Seriously yummy! I always knew I prefer colored hair, hahaha. Ahem.

Random snapshots after lunch:

Outfit for the day:

Champagne colored lace dress: F21
Layers of pearls and gold chains: Teeny's
Marble-esque rosette bracelet: Topshop
Gold bamboo bangle: Topshop
Rings: Korea/ F21
Chiffon petal sandals: Zara
Burgundy messenger bag: Zara

This pair of shoes, as gorgeous as they are, carry a tragic tale. They died the second time I wore it, and my last memory of it was carrying one side of the shoe, while hobbling barefooted (one foot only) down St.Kilda road.


fourfeetnine said...

cis who is that so lowclass stand on karaoke couches WTF

xiang yun said...

Ahem. excuse me for pointing this out, but your toes are so nice and squarish..must be a joy to paint them WTF *thumbs up*

smalls said...

i like how jing is holding her tummy lovingly. hahah.

miss u love

revel in me said...

fourfeetnine: Don't make me post up the pictures! And the cockroach video HAHHAHAHAH

xiang yun: I am sorry to disappoint you, but I went for a pedicure before the trip,haha! I can assure you that my toes are the ugliest things ever. T__T

smalls: 'Cause just ate! Hehe. I miss you too! When am I seeing you!

Anonymous said...

The 'hairy' stuff is called pashmak, and it's Persian cotton candy! Also more expensive >_>