Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Semi-new hair?

***New updates at Boudoir-Boudoir!

Some of you may notice that I've been sporting curls and do not have my usual blown-in-ends anymore!

I've mentioned here that I permed the ends of my hair recently in order to make blowing in the ends an easier task. However, blowing the ends of my hair for the past 6 months or so have left my hair extremely dry and in a bad shape! Hence, I've decided to take care of my hair from now onwards--no more blowdrying for now.

My current daily hair ritual is just to scrunch my hair after my hairwash, and have semi-messy curls. Healthy hair is my top priority now! :)

Some pictures from Melbourne:

Hurrah for vacations!

At one of my dad's favorite restaurants in Melbourne (he in fact only knows maximum 3 restaurants wtf):

I can't remember the name of the place hehe, but I will do a proper post on it next time!

Just a few dishes that we ordered. I got lazy beyond this, as we had 15 dishes! :O

Speaking of which, I really miss stepping into a restaurant and being able to order whatever I want!! I went for a Japanese dinner with Audrey and Jiameei yesterday, and a piece of sushi cost RM30. -____________________-

Doesn't the restaurant know I am the type who needs 20 pieces of sushi to be full. T__________T


Maroon satin romper with ruched bustier: Tea & Sympathy
Faded denim jacket: Topshop
Silver medallion layered necklace: F21
Layered silver chains: Far East Plaza, Singapore
Rings: F21
Tan leather clogs: Steve Madden
Burgundy messenger bag: Zara


Susan Lee said...

Hui Wen, you look more mature with your new hairstyle... am really enjoying your "meatier" posts. How you start your New Year doesn't determine how the rest of the year gonna be.It's how you want it to be and just do exactly that! 2011 is gonna be a great year!!! Happy New Year ;-)

ally said...

HOROKI <3 thats like my favourite jap restaurant in melbourne as well!

Anonymous said...

RM30 for one piece of sushi ? which place is this ?
more importantly, was it worth the RM30 ? if yes, i want to try out :p

xiang yun said...

Love how you wore the soft fabric jewel-tone romper with a faded denim jacket. Very well-balanced out. Hair looks gorgeous too :)

revel in me said...

susan: Thanks dear! I hope so too. :)

ally: YUPPPPP!! I just couldn't strike up the name in my mind that day when I was wrote this entry, haha.

anonymous: Obviously I didn't eat the sushi, haha! I know one of the sushi is toro (tuna belly)though!

xiang yun: Thank you! <3 Hair is very dry though! T_T