Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sheer white embellished jackets.

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I am taking a break from posting my traveling pictures, because today, I want to show you my beautiful embellished white sheer jacket!

Isn't it beautiful? I love love love the intricate rope design, and the careful white gem placement around the edges...

I actually brought a few pieces of this baby back for sale, but they flew off the racks when I put them up during the Chicpop sale last Saturday! I only have one piece in white left now (I originally had some in dust pink as well), and since I can't be arsed to put it up on Azorias, I am going to let my readers have first dibs on it first! :P This baby will be going for RM75, which is a steal considering the amount of handwork that goes into it.

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I like that the jacket can be dressed up or down... I can see the same jacket with a black maxi dress, killer heels and some red lippie, or a white chiffon bias hem dress... very apt for night. But this time around, I dressed it down, and wore it out for a c asual lunch.

White sheer embellished jacket: Bangkok
Loose white bias hem tank: Far East Plaza, Singapore
Frayed high waisted faded denim shorts with chain details: Bangkok
Silver disc necklace: Diva
Rings: H&M/ F21
Black string heels with gold anklet: ZOMP, Melbourne
Burgundy messenger bag: Zara

I love these shoes that I got from Melbourne recently! I got 7 pairs... -__- I was originally planning to wear them for night or formal events, since the gold chain details make them rather dressy. But surprise surprise, I wore them with tank top and shorts the first time I wear them out. That's me, I guess. I like unpredictability and rule-breaking, heh.


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Some of my favorites in the sale this time:

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Thistle Trinkets said...

oooo the shoes is very zanotti!!! Gorgeous! And I love Zomp too! Everytime I go in i be wiping my saliva! lol

revel in me said...

thistle trinkets: They were on sale!! Like more than half price off.<3 I love zomp shoes, they have such a strong collection of varieties! But some really very pricey, after sale 250aud... -_-

sherlyn said...

i love ur jacket!!!! so nice!!!!!!

Jing said...
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revel in me said...

sherlyn: Eh sorry, I posted as Jing previously, heh. Thank you dear! <3 I love it so much I have another one in black and gold! :P