Saturday, January 01, 2011

(Un) Resolution.

As the year drew to an end, I had this long post drafted in my head... But y'know what? At this moment, I don't feel like talking about the past year. The new year is here, and all I want to do is just to grab it by its horns, and live.


I don't believe in resolutions, so I am going to have an (un)resolution this time around:
I unresolve to be unhappy. :)

Nonetheless, there is something that I want to do better this year... Since I don't believe in resolutions, let's just call it a reminder of some sort to myself.

The mantra or reminder for this year is, to treat others like how you want to be treated. It's all too easy to be complacent in treating people right, or showing loved ones that you care, or even being genuinely nice to strangers. If I can remind myself to constantly treat other people how I myself want to be treated, I reckon I should be able to bring quite a bit of happiness and smiles to others. :)


For this new year, can you guys do me a favor?

Share with me one thing that you UNresolve to do, as well as one thing that makes you happy. However, the thing that makes you happy must not be related to material or superficial things. Another rule is that, if someone has comment a thing that makes him/her happy which is similar to yours, you must not repeat it, and must instead come up with another happy thing!

Let's hope that within a few days, we will have a long list of small things in life that makes us happy, and makes life worth celebrating. :)

Happy New Year, everyone. :)


xiang yun said...

I unresolve to eat healthily and take good care of myself. With my hectic and unpredictable work schedule (journalist), work sometimes force me to skip meals or not eat on time. With the little time, I turned to fast food once too many times. I wanna treat my body better so no more instant noodles and fast food for this year except for a few exceptions. One thing that makes me happy is my ability to smile no matter how sucky I feel or how bad a day I'm having because happiness is contagious and I don't want others to feel the suckiness I feel at that moment. Instead, I smile and spread the light to others :) Love the last picture of look really happy and healthy. May your year turn out how you want it to. <3

Thistle Trinkets said...

I unresolve to be superficial n also being lazy - not progressing in life. I have more than enough break. Time for me to get going already. Go for holidays - immerse in different culture, go thru with plans that I have been planning for ages.

Happy new year! Hope ur unresolved comes true? Lol

xiang yun said...

This is just silly.. I meant to say I unresolve to eat lots of junk food.. that makes much more sense ahahah!

xiang yun said...
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hw said...

Happy new year to you!
I unresolve to irregularly attend yoga classes.
what makes me happy is making others smile :)

Anonymous said...

i unresolve to wallow in self pity but much rather make myself hsppy by loving and giving, sincerely.

azi who? said...

im unresolve to live as a procrastinator. a thing that makes me smile and happy, is to smile at a stranger, and get a sincere smile in reply :)

happy 2011

Anonymous said...

i unresolve to continually do bad in uni cause its a once in a lifetime thing and thats where my future holds.

Anonymous said...

Mcd chocolate sundaes on a hot day makes me happy!

jeanchristie said...

Spending time with my loved ones makes me happy!

I unresolve to be antisocial :p
Helloooooo social life! Thou shall be revived!

Happy new year hui wen. May it bring you much happiness!

trina said...

I unresolve to put others before me. 2011 is gonna be about me.

Happy new year, dear.=)

Rosanna said...

I unresolve to not do my homework until the very last minute. When my dogs wag their tails as they greet me, that makes me happy ^^ Happy new year everyone!

Tiffany said...

This year I unresolve to have no life. The whole of last year, all I did was study study study for uni. Altho I did well, I had 0 life. This year, I want to be more sociable and go out more.

Many little things make me happy. I'm so tempted to say unicorns and rainbows make me happy wtf but nahh.. The thing that makes me most happy is sharing yummy food with friends and family <3 Have a great new year!