Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring is in the air...

... and hence there is a spring in my steps. Hehe.

Spring is without a doubt my favorite season! It was my favorite season back in the days when I studied in Australia because I love how there is a sense of lush liveliness after the cold,harsh winter. Spring is also my favorite season to travel to anywhere-- the weather is usually; for the lack of words; perfect. I do try very hard to arrange my travel schedule to coincide with Spring seasons! Oh my,Tokyo in Spring.You'll DIE at the sight of the sakuras. Le sigh.

Immediately when I think of Spring/Summer, I think of bright colors. Ignoring the fact that I've a soft spot for colors, catwalks everywhere during Fashion Weeks also dictated,COLOR, COLOR,COLOR! Which is why out of the Reebonz bags shown here, I immediately gravitated towards the pop of colors. Unfortunately, I still had to make my choice by way of elimination!

This Kate Spade tote is a winner, I would love to carry it to work! However, I have a red bag already, and I do not need another one. Eliminated!

Aah, I would love a green bag in my closet! Currently lusting over a Green Balenciaga, but this Prada tote is surely a great substitute. However, it is made of fabric, and that's a catastrophe for a klutz like me. Eliminated!

Hmm, cobalt blue-- one of the most coveted color on the SS11 fashion runways? Hell yea!

So with this bag in mind, I went ahead and created 3 Spring-worthy outfits. For the first time on this blog, I've created a slideshow lookbook, hope you guys like it! :D

By the way, the song in the lookbook is Love Comes by The Posies. Even the band is named after flowers! Spring much? :P

More stills (and a little story) of the 3 Spring outfits for those of you who were too lazy to view the video:

Outfit 1

Just wanted to show off my Spring-inspired minty green toenails! :P

'Cause Spring weather can be rather chilly at times, I thought long pants would work very well to fight the chill factor. Hence I decided to wear the sheer flowy pants that you guys liked so much here(I still have people emailing me about them till today!) as part of my first outfit.

I would so wear this for a picnic on a perfect Spring day! I can do cartwheels, run amok on the grass, play a silly game of chasing in this perfect pants... And if it's cold, I will just throw on a blanket or pashmina, which would still go very well with this boho chic look. Can someone start packing the picnic basket already!

White bandeau top: Random
Floral sheer flowy wide-legged pants: Holiday in Bangkok
White straw wide-brim hat: Far East Plaza, Singapore
Gold 'fishbone' choker: Department store in Singapore
Turqoise stone chain: Forever 21
Rings: Korea/ H&M
Leaf bangle: Diva
Tan clogs: Steve Madden

Look 2

For the second look, I tried the color-blocking look which is everywhere in Fashion Week now. According to a few fashion articles that I read, electric blue, orange and purple are some of the hottest color-block colors, so I chose this supremely royal dress (almost purple!) with an adorable bias hem-- a weakness of mine, as many of you know. :D

Worn with my YSL ring with the royal blue stone for the maximum color-blocking effect. :P

However, I couldn't help adding a touch of playfulness into the outfit! With my lovely Vivienne Westwood+ Melissa Anglomania shoes. Just to break up the monotony of the color. :) I would wear this to an art gallery! And a stroll through the park to take a peek at squirrels which are coming out to play again during Spring... Love that this outfit can be worn all the way into the night! A hot date, perhaps? ;)

Royal blue bias hem dress with sheer neckline: Random shop in Midvalley
Pearl encrusted bib: Forever 21
Ring: YSL
Lilac/silver bangle: Topshop
Pastel multi-color bejeweled bangle: Holiday in Zhuhai
Black felt floppy hat: Imported from Korea
Lady Dragon Shoes: Vivienne Westwood+ Melissa Anglomania

Look 3

For my third look, I sort of adhered to one of my aesthetics, i.e. mixing hard and soft-- which I mentioned here. I wore a lightweight silk top (doesn't spring just make you want to dance around in silks and satin?) and black leather shorts, and I further softened the look with a beautiful multicolor floral necklace.

Navy blazer and my marine hat.

The navy blazer is my cover-up if the weather turns cooler-- the leather shorts can only keep me that warm!

I will wear this outfit in an heartbeat for a girls' day out. We will start off with brunch, and running on streets after that taking silly pictures of each other. Which is where my marine hat comes in. :P We will fill in our days with desserts sessions and some shopping at vintage shops, and we will find ourselves dancing the night away at a club, toasting to life. Once again,my hat will come into the picture, heh. Another outfit that can bring me from day to night! :)

White silk top with cowl-back: Topshop
Black leather shorts: Zara
Navy blazer: Holiday in Korea
Multicolor floral bib necklace: Sister's
Marine hat: Holiday in Zhuhai
Black leather heels: Stuart Weitzman

Which outfit is your favorite? :P

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ain't sharing my buns.

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Don't mind my deceptively suggestive title, heh. Just a fast entry,'cause I am kind of busy over this weekend!

Pictures from, err, last year, (literally) right after I came back from Korea. On the day that I touched down in KL (after a 10-hour transit in HK, mind you), my parents insisted on bringing me out for a long overdue family dinner.

Catching up with Jing--sharing with her all my Korea travel tales!

If you ever get lost, just look for my face... You'll be sure to find it.
'Cause it's so big wtf.

Showing my mom the videos of the live octopus I ate (*click*)! HAHAHAHA look at my mom's reaction! And my dad just acted macho and said "that's interesting", haha.

Warm buns with some tomato/sambal-like dip! Who would have thought they would go so well together.

Black jewel bracelet: Jing's/ Silver bracelet: Thomas Sabo/ Pearl bracelets:Random/ Black bejeweled cross: F21

I suspect here Jing is asking me to give her some of my bun. The one in my hands, not the one on my posterior.

AHA! I knew it! Greedy little monster. Check out my cocky expression--"ne ne ne bu bu", hahaha.

By the way, all these pictures are taken before I got my Canon S95. They do not look as nice as the pictures in my newer entries right? :/

I was trying to snap some outfit pictures, but sadly my efforts were interrupted by a bunch of gawking Indians.

So I had to do it in the comfort (and safety) of my own home then.

My tank top says "Handle with care". But since the top was tucked in, it hid the rest of the words, so I looked like I was declaring that I'm a door knob or something.

Sequined 'Handle with care' tank: Miss Selfridge
Black pleated tulle skirt: Holiday in Korea
Black tie-knot clogs: Zara
Bag: Marc Jacobs Stam

I could never resist twirling when I wear tulle. Never.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

HK/ Taiwan 2011: Day 7

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Finally, onto the last day of our Hong Kong/Taiwan trip! I am actually eager to finish this up, 'cause I still have pictures from Australia (3 weeks worth), Seoul, Singapore, Bangkok, Sepang Gold Coast...

*revs engine*

Checking out of the hotel.

We know MAGIC! We came with 5 bags and left with 13 bags!

Camwhoring in the airport to avoid the duty of carrying the hand luggage bags.
ps: I kind of like the little horn coming out of my head--it's actually the bow on my floppy hat. :P

Duty-escaping to no avail. Teeny got acrylic nails done (Jing and I chose shopping + ugly nails), and my mom forced us to do everything for Teeny so that she wouldn't damage her nails.

"Help Ting carry her bag" *oooof 7kg bag falls into my hands*
"Ting, come, you hold this bottle of orange juice, let your sister take the heavy things "

DIRTY TRICK! Next time I'll get acrylic nails too to avoid chores.

We wondered into the Hello Kitty terminal in the airport! So cute.

Never have I thought that I would be posing as/emulating a pasty white mouthless cat, but this shows that life is unpredictable wtf.

My legs look skinny here so I post up this picture.
Really, it's not 'cause I like the pink Hello Kitty chairs.

This mirror is quite cute *grudging*

My sister loves her ITouch more than me. T_T


B/W striped sweater: Holiday in Korea
Dark denim jeans: Cheap Monday

Faux ostrich feather vest: Holiday in Bangkok

Camel wool coat: Imported from Korea

Pearl encrusted bib necklace: F21
Black floppy hat: Imported from Korea

Black suede strappy wedges: New Look

Bag: Miu Miu

And now showing you the funniest picture from our trip, a picture that showcases perfectly my family's eccentricity, haha.

My sisters and I all have very sensitive noses-- sensitive to temperature changes, dust etc. It was kind of cold in the plane, so I used the blanket to cover my entire head in order to keep my nose warm while I nap. Since my vision was blocked by my blanket, I didn't realise that my sisters did the same...

Until my mom turned to her side and saw this:

... and started laughing.We flung off our blankets sleepily in unison and cracked up too when we realised what a vision we made. I can only imagine what the passerbys must have thought, hahahaha.

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