Tuesday, February 08, 2011

HK/ Taiwan 2011: Day 5 (Part 1)

Melissa, please email me for your shipping details so I can mail you the gift! :)

I've got almost 100 pictures from day 5 of our trip, all thanks to the Taipei Flora Expo which we dropped by for a visit. I'm going to post up the expo pictures first, enjoy the blooms! :P


In true 'Malaysia Boleh' fashion.

My reluctant brother put in a spot, haha.

Square strawberry!
The expo also involved exhibitions on plants, fruits etc.

Swan-shaped cucumber.

I took this picture for the liberty of my brother. It all started when there was once my mom called my brother a 'peanut-sized brain', hahahaha.

"Ring a ring a roses..."


This is a signboard for 'chou toufu' (smelly toufoo), a Taiwanese delicacy. The name of the owner is translated to Smelly Zhang, hehe.

Mini Wang Lihom!

Free hot tea in the drizzle is a blessing.
It was raining the entire day, seriously a mood dampener; no pun intended.

My brother claimed that he was cold, but he wasn't too happy with our solution for him.

Love these pictures of my parents! My dad is the coolest. ;)

Newly hatched ducks! The downy fur is driving me crazy.. I WANT ONE!!

Details on my outfit coming up in next post! :)

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Anonymous said...

what camera are u using now? so nice. :)

revel in me said...

anonymous: I am using a canon s95!:)

xiang yun said...

Really lovely pictures. I love snippets of 'life' like these. Super cute family also is a bonus :D

revel in me said...

xiang yun: Glad you like it!<3 Sometimes it's liberating to just post random pictures like that. :P