Sunday, February 06, 2011

Giveaway Winners.

It was a pleasant surprise in the afternoon when I received this from a reader/ Boudoir-Boudoir customer:

I've the best readers! I feel really blessed. :D


As promised, it's time to announce the winners of my first ever giveaway. A big fat thank you to all of you who have participated! And a big sloppy kiss for all the lovely comments that made my day over and over again. :))) I couldn't possibly choose from all the sweet comments, so I've chosen them randomly(please refer to the below of the screenshots), and these are the winners:

*Siew Leng*



Congratulations, ladies! Please drop me a comment with your email details, or email me at crescent_masquerade[at] to drop me your shipping details. :)

(It's 49 comments-[1 comment which is submitted late]-[3 deleted comments]-[1 repeat comment]= 44 comments)

I'm very excited thinking about what to give away next... Do stay tuned for the next giveaway in the next 2 weeks. :P Am also cracking my head on ways to carry out the giveaway... To have you girls share something like this or this? Or to ask me a question? Ideas, girls! :D


smalls said...

Random generator from excel??? HAHAHHAHAHAHA YOU DAMN AUDITOR


revel in me said...

smalls: haha, I didn't even think of that! I got the idea off some blogs!

sherlyn said...

owh me~ hahhah nvm! still love ur blog la~ heheheh happy cny!!!!

Unknown said...

Am I the winner? heh?thanks so much!
my email:

revel in me said...

sherlyn: No worries, there will be more giveaways to come! Happy CNY to you too!:)

sweet: YESSS!! Check your email! :)

Siew Leng said...

hey i've send u an email but i dont know if u have received it or not.

FIFIONA said...

send you my email d...( dear:)

revel in me said...

siew leng and fifiona: Check your inbox! Bows coming up soon!:D

Siew Leng said...

it seems i dont have ur reply yet?

revel in me said...

siew leng: Hi dear,check your mail again! Let me know if you still didn't receive it!:)

Siew Leng said...

hey i've received ur email already. replied back too! =D