Tuesday, February 01, 2011

HK/ Taiwan 2011: Day 4 (Part 2)

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Continuing from my post here on my first day in Taiwan.

The myriad of colors and smells and noises at Shilin Night Market is a jolt of excitement to the senses:

A massively long queue for the famous XL chicken chop!
There were a couple of XL chicken chop stalls at the night market, but being typical Asians, we went to the one with the longest queue.

Spot the different headgear sported, hahaha.

Process of purchasing chicken chop:

#1 Eager and hopeful for a yummy chop.

#2 Impatient with anticipation...

#3 Hand-clapping when the first chicken chop neared our hands.

#4 Delirious with happiness when chicken chop reaches my hand.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes the prize-giving ceremony wtf.

Golden crispy glory. There is no chicken chop XL enough for the Hoe family, wahaha.

Funky cuttlefish soup, whereby the cuttlefish was too tough to be eaten, and the amount of soup was too little to be consumed. Wonder what's the purpose of this dish eh.

Fried bee hoon with braised pork.

Fried oyster with egg (or jien), Taiwanese style.

I still prefer the or jien in Sitiawan, the Taiwan one is too starchy for my liking.

Dessert with more starch wtf.

This (sausage wrapped in glutinous rice) looked blush-inducingly obscene.

Pigs as pets! So cute. But I don't think my dog will like them very much.

Elastic jaw.

Taiwan has a lot gimmick restaurants, for example the toilet restaurant (whereby the entire restaurant is designed with a toilet concept wtf: the chairs are toilet bowls, the food is in the shape of shit...you get the drift). In fact, there is one opened in Sunway Pyramid now. Be careful when you visit the site though, it makes shit plopping sounds whenever you hover on the links WTF.

Anyway, we saw another gimmick restaurant that's worth a special mention.

This is a risotto restaurant which looks pretty normal right?

But the concept of the restaurant is to serve food that looks like dog food, hahahahaha.

Click for larger image.

The rice is all mushed and mixed up and dumped into a stone bowl to look like it's, erm, food for the dogs. I wonder whether they provide cutlery or we have to lap the food up like a dog wtf. And check out the menu! They have Sit-Down Combo or Shake-Hand Combo, hahahaha.

The name of the restaurant is Ah Mao.

For those of you who have studied in a Chinese school before, Ah Mao is like the most generic name for dogs in textbooks (Ah Wang is a close contender wtf),hahahaha.
Y'know, kind of like how Abu is the generic boy name in Malay textbooks.

Random stills:


Gray wool sweater with suede elbow patch: Korea
Nude jacket: H&M
Leopard print scarf: Korea
Denim skinny jeans: Cheap Monday
Tan loafers: Aldo
Bag: Miu Miu

I love the suede elbow patch on my sweater! I've been looking for something with preppy elbow patches forever, and was over the moon to find one with real suede ones! :D

I brought a piece of this sweater to the recent Chicpop sale, and I had so many people asking about the sweater! Everyone wants a piece. :D All because everyone fell in love with the suede elbow patches too,heh. Love Korean stuff! :D

Owh, and who can forget my most important accessory for the night!

Furry lion hat+scarf: Random kiosk in Taiwan



yvonneling said...

OMGOSH...im from sitiawan! *proud
besides our or chien..we also have other super duper yummy food eh! =p
p/s : i love our or chien also! way better than the famous penang's or chien which is also starchy. =p Yay to that!

sherlyn said...

hao da ji pai is really nice!!! like u said...we spot the one with the longest queue too! lolzz haahaha n the lion hat so cute la! saw one seller selling it in US!~ got lotsa choices! lolzz very cute! hahah

revel in me said...

yvonneling: What other food is good in sitiawan? :D I love the or jien so much I will drive all the way there to eat that! <3

sherlyn: Haha, what choices of animals did they have? I would love to expand my collection,HAHAHA.

yvonneling said...

haha..we have the famous red wine mee sua..and our gong piang! both are our local specialty. its a foochow specialty! ( p/s : im a foochow!=p ) hehe...and it seems our seafood here gets good review! =) i guess its cuz they r way cheaper than eating seafood in kl plus they r fresh! =)

Anonymous said...

I love your hair, what product do you use to make ur curls stay?

revel in me said...

anonymous: Hi dear, I permed my hair, so I don't really have to use any products to make the curls stay! I just scrunch them up when they are wet,and add in some serum. :)

revel in me said...

yvonneling: Oh, I've tried the red wine chicken/mee sua before! But I always associate it with confinement food, hehe. What's gong piang though? :)

yvonneling said...

haha... yah...the local ladies will always be served with this noodle during their confinement! haha. so u r also right.but its also served during big days like birthdays or cny etc etc festivals..gong piang is something like roti naan but its small and it have like ingredients inside. there are several types of gongpiang the most famous ones being the ones with onions and the one with pork. u should try them the next time u come here! =)

misst said...

hmm...isn't ah mao for cats though?

mmm gong piang! they look so normal and, well, not pretty, but oh so nice when you bite into a hot one!

revel in me said...

yvonneling: ooh, gongpiang sounds interesting! Will definitely try it the next time if I go to sitiawan!:D Are you staying in Sitiawan now? :)

misst: It's not ah mao as in 'ah cat', but as in 'ah fur',hahaha. The 'mao' means fur, which is a name usually used for dogs! :P Now I am really curious about gongpiang!