Saturday, February 19, 2011

HK/ Taiwan 2011: Day 6

Back to posting pictures from my Taiwan trip... I just found out that my mom has plans to go to Taiwan again in March, and it's taking all my willpower not to scream,"Take me! Take me!"

Day 6 was our second last day in Taiwan, and the only agenda for the day was SHOPPING!

Terrified of the cold-- we knew it meant trouble when the hotel bellboys were wearing thick long (like ankle-length) winter coats indoors (the first day we arrived they weren't wearing any coats, the 2nd day they had blazers on...).

Before we headed to Wufenpu, the supposed shopping paradise of Taipei, we went for a brunch of the famous Taiwanese porridge.

Getting indoors is always a bitch, 'cause we need remove x number layers.

Counting moolah!

A hoodie is so important during our trip 'cause it was raining 24/7. Bought this in Taiwan the day before.

The food:

Taiwanese porridge is boiled with...some potato/melon thingy. I don't know what is it called, the Taiwanese call it digua ("ground melon"). Anyone can help on this?

We ordered a lot of dishes to go with the porridge. As porridge is usually bland, most of the recommended dishes are very flavorful.

Namyu minced pork. This dish,although on the salty side, went SO well with the porridge!

Steamed chicken. Not a great fan of this, but the veggies which are knotted in bows are commended.

One of my favorite dishes of all times: braised pork belly.

Braised tofu.

Fried chaipu egg, another Taiwanese specialty. I've tried it in Singapore before, but it doesn't even come close to this original Taiwanese version!

Fried vegetables, to meet the greens quota for the day.

Pan fried fish.

I'm usually not a huge fan of porridge, not 'cause it isn't yummy, but because it isn't filling and I'll usually feel hungry after 1 hour or so. But everything was so good that I ended up gulping down 3 bowls of porridge! (That kept me full for 2 hours -_-)

I was originally planning to wear heels, but the rain makes it a nuisance to walk around in heels, so flats it was.

Bundled up.

Do NOT refer to Teeny for a gauge of how cold it was. This girl is crazy, she can prance around in just a sweater (and check out the naked ankles!) in 8 degrees cold.

Walking around in a tunnel shopping mall-- we had no choice 'cause it was raining, and therefore there really wasn't anywhere we could go (Wufenpu is an open-air market).

While randomly walking in a train station, we saw this corner advertising massages by the blind. Since we had time to kill, we decided to go for an impromptu 20minute massage (for NT$200). Best pick-me-up! We felt so light and rejuvenated after the massage. :D

There's a hump on my back thanks to the bow on my hoodie jacket, which you'll see later in this post.

Loads of random pictures while waiting for the train:

LOVE the bow details on my chiffon blouse!

My trusty Aldo flats (so comfy!) and Teeny's Sam Edelman leopard laced up loafers. I love her shoes, wish I got them too.

The bow on the back of my hoodie jacket.

As mentioned here, the cape that Teeny was wearing comes from the jacket I bought the night before (I was wearing it throughout the post)!


Wufenpu was absolutely MISERABLE. As mentioned earlier on, it's an open-air market, and since it was raining, it was dark, gloomy and wet. :(

Look at how dark it was! The alleys aren't shaded, so you'll have to go through the rain to get from shop to shop.

Buying street food 'cause all the porridge was digested already. :P

Some kuih with black sesame filling. It smelled So good, unfortunately the taste was kind of meh.

Gloves are a savior in the cold.

Sipping on my nth cup of bubble tea.

Scarf with bow pockets to keep my hands warm!

Dinner was duck soup noodles.

The toilet restaurant that I mentioned here. Spot the toilet bowl!

Doggy is fashionable by knotting its shirt at the midriff. :P



Cream chiffon blouse with bow details: Holiday in Korea
Ripped faded denim shorts with chain details: Holiday in Bangkok

Cream hoodie jacket with bow: Taiwan
Camel wool coat: Bought in Taiwan, imported from Korea
Black thigh-highs: Topshop

Tan loafers: Aldo

Bag: Miu Miu

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Siew Leng said...

Ur Taiwan post made me missed my taiwan trip soooooo much! And I've received the bow clip already! So pretty! Thanks again~! ;)))

Anonymous said...

digua is potato

mustardqueen said...

digua is FAN SHU la!! I think they mix with pumpkin also for more sweetness heh

revel in me said...

siew leng: You are welcome dear! Glad you like it!<3

anonymous: Which type of potato, haha

mustardqueen: Sweet potato or normal potato?'Cause I remember the lady telling us it's not fan shu! It's like bright yellow, remember? Potato will be pale yellow, and sweet potato will be orange.. The mystery of digua...

Anonymous said...

di gua shud be fan shu. sweet potato right? haha.
may i noe wad wallet r u using?

kampungboycitygal said...

di gua is sweet potato. and yeah di gua porridge is like a staple (among all staple) there.

wufenpu is amazing! or maybe becoz i was there during summer. ended up with an overweight luggage :D

revel in me said...

anonymous: I am using a red LV epi leather one! Needed a sturdy one for hardcore usage. :P

kampungboycitygal: Haha, I like how you said staple among staples. YES I can imagine how awesome shopping would be in spring/summer! 'Cause honestly speaking the winter stuff ARE very nice, just that I won't get much use out of them... If they are summery stuff, HOO BOY! *rubs hands* :P

jeanchristie said...

di gua is sweet potato
there's a whole variety of them :D
orange purple yellow semua ada