Friday, February 25, 2011

HK/ Taiwan 2011: Day 7

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Finally, onto the last day of our Hong Kong/Taiwan trip! I am actually eager to finish this up, 'cause I still have pictures from Australia (3 weeks worth), Seoul, Singapore, Bangkok, Sepang Gold Coast...

*revs engine*

Checking out of the hotel.

We know MAGIC! We came with 5 bags and left with 13 bags!

Camwhoring in the airport to avoid the duty of carrying the hand luggage bags.
ps: I kind of like the little horn coming out of my head--it's actually the bow on my floppy hat. :P

Duty-escaping to no avail. Teeny got acrylic nails done (Jing and I chose shopping + ugly nails), and my mom forced us to do everything for Teeny so that she wouldn't damage her nails.

"Help Ting carry her bag" *oooof 7kg bag falls into my hands*
"Ting, come, you hold this bottle of orange juice, let your sister take the heavy things "

DIRTY TRICK! Next time I'll get acrylic nails too to avoid chores.

We wondered into the Hello Kitty terminal in the airport! So cute.

Never have I thought that I would be posing as/emulating a pasty white mouthless cat, but this shows that life is unpredictable wtf.

My legs look skinny here so I post up this picture.
Really, it's not 'cause I like the pink Hello Kitty chairs.

This mirror is quite cute *grudging*

My sister loves her ITouch more than me. T_T


B/W striped sweater: Holiday in Korea
Dark denim jeans: Cheap Monday

Faux ostrich feather vest: Holiday in Bangkok

Camel wool coat: Imported from Korea

Pearl encrusted bib necklace: F21
Black floppy hat: Imported from Korea

Black suede strappy wedges: New Look

Bag: Miu Miu

And now showing you the funniest picture from our trip, a picture that showcases perfectly my family's eccentricity, haha.

My sisters and I all have very sensitive noses-- sensitive to temperature changes, dust etc. It was kind of cold in the plane, so I used the blanket to cover my entire head in order to keep my nose warm while I nap. Since my vision was blocked by my blanket, I didn't realise that my sisters did the same...

Until my mom turned to her side and saw this:

... and started laughing.We flung off our blankets sleepily in unison and cracked up too when we realised what a vision we made. I can only imagine what the passerbys must have thought, hahahaha.

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yiqin; said...

OMG the hello kitty store!!

ap said...


nice coat!

xiang yun said...

Really simple stylish outfit.. how come you make things look pretty by wearing them! I mean the faux-fur vest. T.T Love your floppy hat :)

revel in me said...

yiqin: Cutest things ever!

ap: HEH. Thanks babe! :)

xiang yun: What's wrong with my feather vest! *defensive* :p

Suee Tang said...

the last photo really cracked me up. good one!

Anonymous said...

Love your shoe!!! :)~

Anonymous said...

wakakakakaka the last pic was funnyyyyyyyy!!!!!
love love love your travel posts!!!!!

revel in me said...

suee tang: It still cracks ME up! :P

anonymous: Thanks love! It's my go-to traveling shoe! :)

anonymous: Hahaha... Thanks dear, more coming up!

Anonymous said...

Hello kitty " i'm so obsessed with her, i wish i could see that airport

yy said...

omg too cute! Haha your mom actually had time to take a picture before she told you guys.. Love those wedges too, make your legs look super long and skinny! :)

revel in me said...

stephanie: Haha, ya, the entire departure terminal is designed with Hello Kitty! :P

yy: Haha, we asked our mom to take a picture after that! :P Actually I think it's my jeans which made my legs look long! World's best jeans. <3

ap said...

wow i just peeked at streetstyle blogs and there's so much camel abound MEHHHHHHHHHH wtf

i love it but it's tricky to find the right shade that doesnt add to my pasty yellow complexion lol

revel in me said...

ap: Hahaha so cute la you! My first thought was camel doesn't go MEHHH WTF. Epic fail thought process. Quite easy to find wan! Just try it on and you may be surprise! :D

ap said...

camels actually yell- more like a human being i think
here lemme try again YeeeeEEEEEE-HAW ok wtf forget it