Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I've got beautiful lips kissing my toes.

I managed to score a mani/pedi appointment today (after numerous canceled appointments, oops), so this is what I wore:

Just a very simple outfit; actually I wouldn't even consider an 'outfit', hehe. The hard part is that I will have to wear slippers/strappy sandals that won't rub against my toenails after they are primped and painted, and as you all know, I'm no fan of flats! (much less flat sandals, sigh)

Anyway, if you've ever wondered what do I wear to yumcha or run errands, this is kind of what I will usually wear. If I am wearing sunnies then it means I am not wearing any make up. :P

In the spirit of Chinese New Year and all, I decided to borrow my mom's bright red Loewe bag! Adds a pop of color to my otherwise neutral outfit. :)

Some random details of my lazy outfit:

Love this bow top with a bias ruffled hem! Perfect for chilled-out, lazy days.

Say hello to my pretty toenails! I wanted a baby blue shade, but this color turned out to be a slight minty shade. Did you noticed the gold lips on these Miss Sixty sandals? Too cheeky. :P

My lost and found favorite necklace at the moment.

Bought it last year, and found it while I was spring-cleaning my room. Been wearing it alone or layering with other necklaces. Horseshoe = luck! :D

A better look at the bag (AND MY NAILS!). Sorry for the excitement, it has been awhile since I had presentable toes. :P

Cream bow top with ruffled hem: Holiday in Bangkok
Highwaisted faded denim shorts: Miss Selfridge
Gold diamante horseshoe necklace: Accessorize
White strappy sandals with gold lips: Miss Sixty
Red tote: Loewe

I've edited my pictures this time... Do you like it? :D

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PVB said...

clicked like!

Anonymous said...

yaaaaaaaaaaa i loved all your picsssss
you are getting prettier and prettier!!!!!! superbbbbbbbb!!!!!!
happy happy happy!!!!!!! love your blog!!!!! its a very happy blog!!!

RG said...

you look very pretty! :) and i read your comment on one of my blog post of kemp muhl, super excited cause u commented. hahahah.

kiM said...

casual chic! and ur leg so slim!!! and also nice nail color...

revel in me said...

PVB: *virtual kiss!*

anonymous: Haha noooo not getting prettier! Age is catching up WTF. Thanks dearie! <3

RG: Aww, thank you! Haha, you are so cute la! And omg kemp muhl is only THE hottest creature in the world. T_T

kim: Thanks dear!! And no it's angle only! :P

mustardqueen said...

eh wtf u edited but ur pictures all same direction tilted 30 degrees to the left wtf hahahahahaha EH I LIKE MINT SHADE!! What's the colour code for OPI!? :D

Anonymous said...

ya!! ur legs so skinny! esp ur ankles! *jealous

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: 'Cause of the editing program I used! Err I dunno the code! We go do it together I show you.<3

miss hazel: Honestly love, this's the first time someone called my legs skinny. T_T They are not! But my ankles are skinny-ish la,hehe.

Anonymous said...

super pretty as usual!!

You should be a travel writer & fashion editor... i mean if such jobs can occur at the same time why not...

THE CHEAP said...

You're SOOOO pretty!
Love the outfit


Anonymous said...

Your outfit is cute...but your shorts are so tight it's giving you the dreaded "camel toe" look. Ew!

revel in me said...

anonymous: Wow, dear, thanks! Yep, it's my dream to work in a fashion-related job. :)

the cheap: Thanks, hot stuff! <3

anonymous: As a single girl, I am flattered you pay so much attention to my privates WTF

Charlene Foong said...

hey! i've been following your blog for quite sometime and this is the first time i drop a comment.

i super love all your outfits! i wish ive got the guts to try new stuff. TT

revel in me said...

charlene: Thank you dear! Both for following me and (finally :P) leaving a comment!<3

And don't need guts to dress up! Just have fun with it! :D