Thursday, February 17, 2011


Since it's Chap Goh Mei today, it is apt that I post up another Chinese New Year outfit, no? :)

As mentioned here, I feel inclined to wear reddish colors for CNY. Here, I went for a pop of tangerine + burnt orange. :)

I am crazy over peter pan collars, thanks to the super awesome Alexa Chung. Unfortunately, it's not easy to find peter pan collared items which aren't too cutesy.

Worn with gold rings I got from a night market in Bangkok.

I am trying to show you this pretty belt I picked up on Boxing Day in Melbourne! It has bows all around the belt. :) I actually prefer the white one, but it wasn't on sale, and I didn't want to part with 20AUD for a skinny belt (as pretty as it is).

But looks like it was a good move! Jing told me that the belt is going for 10AUD (including a buy 1 free 1 promo) in Sydney now, so she's going to get me one-- score! :D

Went with some dainty necklaces so that I don't clutter my necklace too much-- the highlight is the peter pan collar! :P

And the 'Spoil Me' necklace is kind of a joke, 'cause I was supposed to visit my friend, Grace, that day, and she always have the best spread! I was supposed to flash her the necklace if she didn't allow me third helpings, hehe. (I had four in the end -_-)

Tangerine/purple printed peter pan collar silk romper: Holiday in Bangkok
Pink bow belt: Forever New, Australia
'Spoil Me' necklace: Australia
Petal pendant necklace: Vintage
Gold rings: Night market in Bangkok
Burnt orange leather heeled loafers: ZOMP, Australia
Bag: Chanel

When I first laid eyes on this romper, I kinda already knew I want to wear it for CNY. The silky fabric is luxurious to the skin, not to mention quite airy as well-- and we all know that CNY house-visiting can get humid and sweltering hot at times. I also try to wear shorts while house-visiting (pants can get rather warm), 'cause it means I don't have to worry about flashing my privates to my relatives. And the bright colors! So it was a check, check, and check for this pretty piece. I would have worn it on the first day of CNY, if not for my superstition with wearing red on the first day.

I've been looking to get a pair of heeled loafers for sometime, but the only nice ones I saw were in Zara and Topshop (too expensive without sales!). When I saw this in an unique burnt orange shade/in my size/ more than half price off, I couldn't resist, I had to bring them home. :P

And it was a coincidence that my bag and shoes matched for the day! :)


RG said...

im in love with your loafers!!!!! do they hv an online store? looking good as always :D

Thistle Trinkets said...

Heart the chanel!

Is that the Med size or Jumbo?

If it is the jumbo is it the new one with double flap?

Kim L said...

Omg, I love your loafers! I went to sportsgirl today and saw one like yours but it was tan and not heeled! :)

Peter pan collars is <3

revel in me said...

RG: Thanks sayang! <3 They have a website, but I don't think it's an online store:

thistletrinkets: It's the jumbo double flap! <3 I need a big bag 'cause I always carry a lot of junk. :D

bombshell: I recently saw a nice tan one (ombre somemore) in Topshop... Very tempted! :P But looks and feel uncomfortable... These zomp ones are really comfy though!:)

Joce said...

nice romper and loafers.. n of coz, <3 the chanel! envious :P

btw dear, sent u an email about the poker card top..

Anonymous said...

this outfit is like your fav outfit!!!
everything checked!!!!
happy happy happy!!!!!
love your picsssss!!!!
you look super duper happyyyyyy!!!!
and very very natural too!!!!! hehe

Anonymous said...

1. is ur photos taken using canon s95?

2. love ur loafers! and the belt too! in fact i like this outfit better than the first day of CNY one! <3

revel in me said...

joce: Thank you very much dear!<3 I replied you already! :)

anonymous: Haha, thank you dear!Glad you like it!:)

misshazel: 1. Yes! 2. Ya I would totally wear it for the first day if it was red! T_T

xiang yun said...

I absolute-fantastically-love your heeled loafers!!!!!!! Dayummmm!

Anonymous said...

babe you look so pretty! love the new bag xx


revel in me said...

xiang yun: Haha, you're making them sound nicer than they actually are! :P

michelle: Thanks love!<3

Isabel Hendrix said...

Those loafer heels are AMAZING!!

revel in me said...

isabel: Thanks love! <3